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Daughter-in-law snatched father-in-law’s breath: locked the room and beat him mercilessly, could not get up from the bed, broke his breath


Incident of Bikaner’s Nokha police station area
Daughter-in-law’s allegation father-in-law used to abuse after drinking alcohol
Police arrested the daughter-in-law for the murder of father-in-law

Bikaner. The limits of relationships are being broken in Rajasthan. Till now you must have seen and heard daughter-in-law being beaten up by mother-in-law, but in Roda village of Nokha area of ​​Bikaner district, troubled by her drunken father-in-law, her daughter-in-law killed her. After disclosing the incident, the police arrested the accused daughter-in-law. After the disclosure of the matter, whoever heard about it was stunned. The accused daughter-in-law has alleged in the police interrogation that the father-in-law used to abuse after drinking alcohol. She was troubled by this, so she was put to death.

Nokha Thanaprabhari Ishwarprasad Jangid told that this incident of murder took place in Vishnu Nagar of Roda village on late Wednesday evening. The police had received information about the death of elderly Poonam Singh under suspicious circumstances there. On this, the police inspected the spot and started investigating the matter. On the basis of suspicion in this case, the police took Poonam Singh’s elder son Hanuman Singh’s wife Bhanwar Kanwar (23) and younger son Sher Singh into custody and strictly interrogated them. During interrogation, Bhanwar Kanwar accepted the murder of father-in-law Poonam Singh.

Locked the room and beat the father-in-law with a stick
Initial interrogation of accused daughter-in-law Bhanwar Kanwar revealed that Poonam Singh was addicted to alcohol. He used to abuse after drinking alcohol. Bhanwar Kanwar told that she was troubled by her father-in-law’s habit of abusing her on a daily basis. Even on Wednesday evening, the father-in-law had started abusing him after drinking alcohol as usual. This broke the dam of his patience. On this she went to his room. He locked the room and started beating Poonam Singh who was sleeping on the bed with a stick. During this, there was a scream, but due to the closure of the room, no one could come to know about it.

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Injured Poonam Singh kept on suffering on the bed and then died
Poonam Singh was seriously injured in the fight. After that Bhanwar Kanwar went to her room and slept. Meanwhile, the seriously injured Poonam Singh kept on suffering on the bed. He died due to serious injuries. When Poonam Singh was taken care of on Thursday morning, he was already in the lap of death. Seeing the situation suspicious, the relatives informed the police. On this, the police reached the spot and inquired about the whole matter. Police’s suspicion on him was deepened by the statements of Bhanwar Kanwar in the initial interrogation.

the whole family lives together
Police investigation revealed that Poonam Singh Pathad has two sons. Both of them are married. The whole family lives together in the same house. Poonam Singh’s wife has already died. On the basis of suspicion, the police had detained the elder daughter-in-law Bhanwar Kanwar as well as her brother-in-law Sher Singh. Sher Singh told the police that on the night of the incident, he had gone to his father’s room to keep food. He had come with food. After that he went to the room and slept. However, the police is probing the matter from other angles as well.

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