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Death of female cheetah Sasha: there was improvement after treatment, shocking disclosure in health history

Sheopur. Sad news has come out from Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh. 8 cheetahs were brought from Namibia as part of a plan to reinvigorate the cheetah population in India. They were released in Kuno National Park. One of these leopards died. The female cheetah Sasha is no longer in this world. Sasha’s health was bad and she was constantly under the supervision of doctors. Doctors say that his health had also improved, but ultimately he could not be saved. Sasha along with his companions was shifted to Kuno National Park last year.

The female cheetah Sasha was suffering from dehydration and kidney infection for the last two months. After the postmortem, Sasha was cremated in Kuno National Park. Last year on September 17, 8 cheetahs brought from Namibia were kept in Kuno National Park. After the mandatory quarantine, all 8 cheetahs were shifted to a larger enclosure in Kuno National Park. On January 21 last, Kuno officials were informed about the female Sasha being lethargic and ill. After this he was kept under the special supervision of wildlife experts and doctors from Namibia and Bhopal Van Vihar. His condition improved after necessary treatment, but he died suddenly on Monday. Forest department officials gave this information by issuing a press note.

After Sasha’s death, health history of Namibia was extracted and it was found that when the test report of female cheetah came while bringing it from Namibia, it was confirmed that she had kidney infection. Means Sasha had this problem in Namibia also. Forest officials told that other leopards are completely healthy. After Sasha’s death, the number of cheetahs in Kuno has decreased from 20 to 19. 12 cheetahs brought from South Africa are currently under quarantine. Four cheetahs are roaming in the open forest hunting wildlife and searching for their food. Three female cheetahs are in a large enclosure, which will soon be released in the open forest.

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