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Delhi Air Pollution: GRAP-4 stage implemented, twin tower debris lifting halted

Noida. The debris removal work of Twin Towers located in Sector-93A, Noida, adjacent to Delhi, has been affected due to increasing pollution in November and the removal of debris has been stopped here. Even after the implementation of GRAP, the climate of the city continues to be very bad. As per the norms of NGT, construction work has been banned in the authority area. And 235 laborers working here have been discharged. No official is ready to give any information about when this work will start.

The debris of the Twin Towers has been covered with a green net to prevent dust from blowing away, the machines are standing still and the workers working here are seen absent. Because the work of removing the debris here has been completely stopped. Some workers are definitely filling the scraps removed from the debris in the truck, so that they can be removed, but the work of breaking and removing the debris has been completely stopped.

The tower was demolished on August 28

The Supertech Twin Towers built in Noida Sector-93A was safely demolished on August 28 on the orders of the Supreme Court. In which about 80 thousand tons of estimated debris was found. Edphis Engineering has been given three months to clear the debris from here. In this, the time of 15 days was wasted due to non-receipt of NOC from the authority. Now due to the increase in pollution in November, there is little hope of clearing the debris from here.

Supervisor Rohit Kumar, who is overseeing the work of clearing the twin towers, says that after the implementation of the GRAP, the removal of debris was stopped as per NGT norms. Due to the closure of work, it is becoming very difficult to pay wages to the workers, so they have been discharged, so far 25 trucks, about 510 iron scapes have been removed from this site, while 5340 tons of concrete and debris have been loaded from them till 267 Is. He says that after the advance order comes, the work will be started.

Police system was also removed

The police system installed at the site of the Twin Towers has also been removed, but the movement of people has been banned by putting barricades on both sides. Here the security personnel of Edifice company are looking after the arrangement. At the same time, the residents want that if the debris is removed from here at the earliest, then they should take a sigh of relief. They say that the debris has not been covered properly, the problem of pollution remains due to lack of regular water sprinkling. People in the surrounding towers are facing problems due to dust when the wind blows a little; the problem of respiratory patients is increasing due to the poisonous air.

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