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Delhi airport to be completely green soon, 57 electric vehicles to be installed – Fast Hindi News

New Delhi: 57 electric vehicles have been deployed by the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), which operates and manages the airport in the capital.

The deployment of EVs is a part of the Green Transport Programme, which was unveiled by DIAL during the World Environment Day in June this year.

With this, Delhi Airport has implemented electric vehicles before any other airport in the country.

According to officials, this action will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 1,000 tonnes annually.

DIAL has started adopting EVs as part of the green transportation program and is phasing out all diesel and gasoline powered vehicles.

DIAL has ordered 64 EVs for its airside and landside activities in the first phase. Of these, seven are yet to be deployed, while another 57 have already done so.

These 57 EVs will be used by several DIAL departments, including Environment, Horticulture and Cargo, among others. Of these, 21 EVs are being deployed airside and will be used by airside operations, airport rescue and fire fighting and AGL teams.

Launched in June 2022, the Green Transportation Initiative will help Delhi International Airport (DIAL) make an accelerated transition to green mobility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eventually become a “Net Zero Carbon Emission Airport” (NZCEA) by 2030 wants.

DIAL has also installed 12 charging stations with 22 charging ports at the airport to support EV charging for customers, staff members and taxi service providers, to facilitate easy adoption of electric mobility in the airport ecosystem.

With the newly introduced EV, DIAL has made it easy for people to take electric buses from Terminal 3 to the Passenger Transport Center (PTC) building.

Currently, these buses take passengers every 20 minutes between these two destinations.

दिल्ली हवाईअड्डा जल्द ही पूरी तरह से हरा-भरा होगा, 57 इलेक्ट्रिक वाहन लगाए जाएंगे




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