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Delhi-NCR AQI Live Updates: Strong winds have blown away Delhi’s toxic smoke, so will the ban reduce in today’s meeting?

New DelhiThere was some respite from pollution in Delhi-NCR on Saturday, but it still remains at an alarming level. It is believed that this relief has come due to the strong winds on the ground surface. Meanwhile, there will be a meeting of the Commission related to the quality of air (CQAM) on Sunday. In view of the reduction in pollution, there is a possibility that the restrictions of the fourth phase may be withdrawn. If this happens, then the recommendation of school-college holidays and work from home can be withdrawn. But only the government can take the final decision on these. The restrictions that can be lifted directly include the entry of trucks and goods vehicles. Apart from this, the ban on BS-IV diesel vehicles may be removed. Government construction projects can start again. The ban on industries running on contaminated fuel can also be lifted. Know every update related to pollution here-

‘Delhi government removes the diagnosis of pollution’
The air quality in Delhi remains in the very poor category. A local said, ‘Pollution is harmful for us. This affects the lungs and causes irritation in the eyes. We only want the Delhi government to address this. Today is the important meeting of CAQM. A decision can be taken on removing the fourth phase of Grap.

what is the condition of pollution today
There is little relief from pollution on Sunday morning as compared to Saturday. According to the data released by CPCB at 6 am in Delhi’s Anand Vihar, the AQI was recorded at 338, which comes in the category of very poor. Talking about NCR, 343 AQI has been noted in Noida Sector 62, 310 in Ghaziabad Loni, 360 in Faridabad and 351 in Gurugram.

When does the fourth phase of GRAP apply?
Stage IV restrictions are imposed when the AQI is 450 or more. The commission also believes that these restrictions are emergency measures. These restrictions have an impact on the economic condition of the people, so it is necessary to review them in a limited time. However, the restrictions of the first, second and third phases will continue.

GRAP-4 cannot be applied for a long time
According to Greenpeace Senior Campaigner Avinash Chanchal, GRAPS-4 is an emergency measure. They cannot be implemented for a long time. In such a situation, governments and departments have to understand that it should be implemented very quickly and in removing it. Emergency level pollution does not last very long. This condition may persist for two to four days. According to Avinash, these steps are taken so that activities are minimized and the process of increasing smog is minimized. But the message is going among the people of Delhi that these restrictions are imposed in view of the health-related harm to the people.

According to him, health damage in an emergency of pollution cannot be avoided at any cost. There is almost the same pollution at home and outside. So it is necessary to change this thinking. At the same time, people understand these things and in order that these steps are not opposed, it is also necessary that as soon as these situations are created, steps should be taken as soon as possible and then the same should be shown in removing them. The way the agencies are working now, there is a delay in the implementation and removal of these rules. If this happens, then people are sure to protest.



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