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Delhi News: So mute the guest’s voice… New guidelines issued to save the debate from inflammatory debate

New DelhiNBDSA (News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority) has issued guidelines related to a code of conduct in order to maintain editorial dignity while protecting ‘freedom of expression’ in TV debates and not to inflammatory or degrade each other. is of. The NBDSA has said that the guidelines have been issued for such anchors, journalists and editors after several complaints received recently. The NBDSA has also based on recent court decisions in some cases related to TV debates to formulate these guidelines.

This guideline states

No guest should be treated unfairly in TV debate, nor should any comment be made on them with the intention of degrading their religion or their beliefs.

Provocative and communal rhetoric should be completely avoided.

Wrong people should not be given place in TV debates, whose purpose is to come in such debates and give provocative statements.

Before coming, all the guests should be informed about the code of conduct that any kind of talk will not be valid.

– If during the debate a guest does not stop making provocative statements even after stopping, then silence his voice and refrain from giving them space in the future.

Make sure that the topic of TV debate is not divisive in the society.

The TV anchor should decide that during the debate he should not be seen taking the side of any religious-political party.

Before accusing someone, keep his strong grounds and evidence. Avoid the tendency to accuse without it.



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