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Delhi Ramleela: Some of Delhi’s oldest Ravana, some America’s Ravana, interesting tales of those who played the role of Ravana

New Delhi: The craze of Lankapati Ravana in Delhi’s Ramlilas is also very different. The actors are ready to do anything for this role. In this craze, an artist came to Delhi from America to become Ravana. He is playing the role of Ravana in Ashok Vihar Phase 2’s Leela. Similarly, the person playing the role of Ravana in the Ramlila to be held in Shalimar Bagh has been becoming Ravana in the same Leela continuously for the last 35 years. He claims that at present he is the oldest Ravana to play the role of Ravana for 35 consecutive years in the same Leela in Delhi.

Delhi’s oldest Ravana

Shiv Shankar Nagar, who played Ravana in the Ramlila in Shalimar Bagh, has been playing the role of Ravana in this Leela continuously for the last 35 years. It is being claimed that at present it is the oldest Ravana of Delhi. Along with becoming Ravana, he has a special crown with 10 heads. In which 9 heads have been made of their faces. The crown had 5 heads on one side and 4 heads on the other, so the crown used to hang from the side with 5 heads. To handle it, for more than 15 years, a piece of brick was broken in the four-headed part of this crown, so that the balance of the crown would be maintained. However, to get rid of this problem, this time they have prepared 10 heads with balance from both the sides.

First father, now son becomes Ravana

After the sudden death of father Tejveer Chauhan in Ramlila of Ashok Vihar Phase-1, his son Abhinav Chauhan is playing the role of Ravana. Abhinav says that he is proud that he has been playing his father’s character. In this way he is carrying forward the tradition of the house. His father became Ravana continuously for 29 years. Then he used to play the role of Meghnad when he grew up, but since his father, he is constantly becoming Ravana. They have two sons aged 11 and 8. They have also started to be staged in the role of Bal Ram and Lakshman, while the younger son becomes a monkey. Growing up, they will also train them to act as Ravana and Meghnad.

Ravana has become ‘Kroor Singh’

Bollywood actor Akhilendra Mishra is playing the role of Ravana in Luv Kush Ramleela to be held at Red Fort Ground. Akhilendra Mishra had captured everyone’s mind with the role of Kroor Singh in the famous Chandrakanta serial in the 1990s. For the first time in Delhi, he has come from Mumbai to play Ravana in Luv Kush Ramleela. He also played the role of Ravana in a movie. Now he is ready to play the live role of Ravana on the stage. He doesn’t even have to do a lot of rehearsals to play the role of Ravana. He remembers his dialogues well.

Children settled in America, then they went away themselves

Sunil Gupta, who played the role of Ravana in Ashok Vihar Phase-2’s Ramlila, previously lived in Delhi. Now their children are settled in America. That’s why he also started living in America from many years ago, but the craze of becoming Ravana came on him such that he came to Delhi on 15th September with his wife to become Ravana from Seattle, America. Now he is playing the role of Ravana in Leela. This time it was a bit difficult to come to Delhi, but as Navratri got closer. He did not stay in America and then booked flight tickets and reached Delhi.

Gold crowns have been made by Ram and Ravana

This time in Lavkush Ramlila, the crowns of Lord Shri Ram and Lankesh have been specially made by the artisans of Kolkata. Ravana’s crown is about 10 kg. Both the crowns have been gilded. The organizers claim that the carvings have been done in both the crowns. It will be worth watching. Special pearls have been installed in them. The crown will glow in the slightest light. Ravana’s dress has also been made by Mumbai-based dress designers who design hero-heroine dresses in Bollywood. The sword has also been specially designed.

Ravana’s fees up to four times more than that of Ram

Although the actors who play Shri Ram, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman in Ramlila get paid decently, but this time the actors who play Ravana in some of Delhi’s Leelas get two to four times more than those who play Ram. Payment will be given. Pravesh Kumar, who played the role of director in two big Ramlilas of Delhi, says that this time he is the director of Luv Kush and Shri Dharmic Ramlila to be held at Red Fort Maidan. He cannot disclose the payment, but can definitely tell that the artist who plays the Lankapati Ravana will be paid much more than the one who plays Ram.



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