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Delhi: The main accused in the triple murder case was arrested from Bihar, was the result of the robbery of 15 lakhs from the house.

Delhi Triple Murder: The main accused in the triple murder case on November 1 in Ashok Nagar area of ​​Hari Nagar police station area has been arrested by Delhi Police from Samastipur in Bihar. . Along with the main accused, the police have arrested two more accused, who have been involved in this murder. The police had received information that the accused were in Jaipur, but when the police reached Jaipur, all three had gone to Bihar. Police have recovered ₹ 3 lakh 95 thousand in cash, three expensive wrist watches, 4 expensive mobile phones (out of which three were bought with the looted money) out of the looted amount from them.

Apart from this, these people had also bought some ornaments etc. with the looted amount, they have also been recovered. The names of the accused are Ramzan alias Saddam, Saurabh alias Chhotu and Amit Mahto alias Anil (18). Anil is the mastermind and main accused of this murder. Amit has revealed that he robbed Rs 15 lakh in cash and jewelry from the house. West district DCP Ghanshyam Goyal says that the chief accused Amit has claimed that the deceased Sameer Ahuja had insulted him and his girlfriend, so he carried out this murder.

Determined to kill after insulting girlfriend
Amit has also claimed that Sameer’s first wife lives in Kolkata. Amit used to run bet in Dwarka area, this fact is being verified. Be aware that in this triple murder case, the police have already arrested 4 accused. Along with removing Amit from his job, Sameer had also abused him in front of everyone. Police claim that during interrogation, Amit has revealed that when Sameer came to know that Amit’s friendship with a girl working in Shalu’s beauty parlor, he made Amit and his wife in front of everyone. He also abused his girlfriend and while insulting him, he and his girlfriend were fired from the job.

There was an attempt to murder even before November 1
After being fired from his job and insulting his girlfriend, he decided to take revenge and along with his friends had planned this massacre. Police claim that during interrogation, Amit has also revealed that he had tried to carry out this murder even before November 1. He had also reached near Sameer Ahuja’s house but that day he could not execute the murder as Sameer had gone out somewhere.

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had entered the house on this pretext
It has also been revealed in the interrogation that on the morning of November 1, when Amit reached Sameer and Shalu’s house on the pretext of giving the key, Shalu had opened the door. Amit had said that he has to return the keys and also do his own calculations. Amit also told the police that he was aware that Sameer and Shalu had gone to the party the night before. Where Sameer had also drank a lot of alcohol. This was the reason why he carried out this murder on the morning of November 1, because he knew that Sameer would not wake up early.

maid was also murdered
When Amit went inside, he also saw the maid of the house Sapna and Sapna had also seen him. Amit unlocked the electronic lock from inside and opened the door to his friends and they entered inside. He sent Sapna to the kitchen under the pretext and stabbed Shalu to death by stabbing him from behind. After this Sapna was also murdered. Then everyone reached the first floor where Sameer and his daughter were sleeping. Sameer was first hit in the head with a pan and he was also killed by stabbing him.

Not because of this reason that the girl was killed
The police claim that we have also disclosed that he used to play with the daughter of Sameer and Shalu, so he had an attachment with the girl and that was the reason why he killed the girl. Murder) Not that the girl was sleeping, so Amit had left the girl in another room. Before escaping, he had also removed the DVR of the CCTV camera installed in the house, which these people threw somewhere in the area of ​​Dwarka.

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