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Delhi woman came to Ghaziabad to celebrate brother’s birthday, 5 people kidnapped and gang-raped


The incident took place in Nandgram police station area of ​​Ghaziabad.
The victim told in the statements that five people had gang-raped
The accused who carried out the crime are said to be acquaintances of the victim.

Ghaziabad. A heart-wrenching incident of gang-rape from a woman resident of Delhi has come to light in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The victim was kidnapped and gang-raped by five people. The police found this victim lying on the roadside in Nandgram police station area. The police took him to the hospital. She had come to Nandgram to celebrate his birthday at her brother’s house. As soon as the incident came to light, there was a stir in the Ghaziabad police. Taking swift action, the police have taken four accused into custody.

Ghaziabad City Superintendent of Police Nipun Aggarwal said that on October 18, at around 3.30 am, Nandgram police station got information that a woman was lying near Ashram Road. On this the police immediately reached there and took the victim to the hospital. In the interrogation of the victim there, she told that she is a resident of Delhi. She had come to Nandgram a day ago to celebrate her brother’s birthday. After that his brother left him back to go.

Familiar people had taken the woman
Some people took him from there. Those people were his acquaintances. The victim had earlier told in her statements that two men raped her. Later he told that 5 people gang-raped him together. The police have registered a case in this case on the complaint of the victim’s brother. The police took quick action in this case and took 4 people into custody. He is being interrogated thoroughly.

There is also a property dispute going on between the victim and the accused party.
According to the Superintendent of Police Agrawal, it has come to the fore in the preliminary investigation that the victim and the accused parties are known to each other. But the relationship between them is already going strained. There is also a property dispute going on between them. This property dispute is pending in the court. However, the police is investigating the whole matter thoroughly. Since there has been a contradiction in the statements of the victim regarding the number of accused. So the police is taking full vigil in this matter. The interrogation of the arrested accused is going on. Both Ghaziabad and Delhi Police are investigating this case.

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