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Delhi’s pollution is increasing due to BJP’s politics – AAP’s statement, work from home advice

Delhi Pollution: Pollution is increasing continuously in Delhi. In such a situation, politics on pollution is also increasing. Aam Aadmi Party minister Gopal Rai said that the situation in Delhi has improved slightly in terms of pollution. Due to the wind, the situation looks a bit fine. Delhi’s AQI is 313 today which is less than yesterday.

Gopal Rai said that yesterday he did the test at many places. Continuous testing is being done on the construction site which CAQM has banned. Yesterday he went to two sites, out of which work was completely closed on one site while work was going on on the other site, not a single rule was being followed, then came to know that BJP office is being built there.

‘BJP doesn’t follow rules’

BJP held a press conference and held Arvind Kejriwal responsible for the pollution. Gopal Rai said, “They themselves are not following the rules of the authority which has been prepared by the Center itself. This is the same party which has stopped the red light on-cart off campaign in Delhi. These people alleged Those who themselves do not want to do any work to reduce pollution.

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Gopal Rai also said, “If any government is working in the whole country to reduce pollution, then it is the Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi. Delhi is the only state which is continuously reducing pollution by preparing its own winter action plan. De-composer solution is being sprayed for stubble in Delhi only so that farmers do not burn stubble.

‘Partnership of external states in pollution’

Gopal Rai said, “Why is the level of pollution increasing even after all these efforts? What is the reason for this? A study was done on this last year. It was a CSE study. It was told that in Delhi 31 percent Pollution is due to local sources of Delhi. While the rest of the pollution is due to sources outside Delhi. 54.5% pollution increases due to NCR. On which BJP government should also work, but it does not happen. “

Gopal Rai alleged that due to this kind of politics of BJP, pollution will not be reduced, even abusing BJP will not reduce pollution. This will be reduced only by working on an action plan. The problem of pollution can be tackled only with the cooperation of all the governments.

BJP is doing politics

Gopal Rai said, “The central government has cheated. The government hates the farmers because the central government is working to harass the farmers because of the agitation which was launched by the farmers. Had the incentive been given, today the farmer would not have burnt the stubble.” Delhi and Punjab governments were ready to give incentives together, but the central government refused and did not cooperate. BJP is constantly doing such work, due to which pollution is increasing instead of reducing it. Only doing politics. .

appeal to the public

Gopal Rai said, Delhi government is making continuous efforts to reduce pollution. I request the people of Delhi to give your full cooperation, if construction is happening around you, then complain on Green Delhi app and action will be taken immediately. To reduce pollution, there is an appeal to the people to pool the car, if it is not very necessary, then they can also do work from home.

CAQM is monitoring

Gopal Rai said that “What will be the level of AQI inside Delhi will not be decided by the BJP. Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) is monitoring all these things. In this 3 days advance monitoring is being done. Things are decided on the basis of this monitoring. If the AQI exceeds 450, the schools will be closed as per GRAP 4 and that too 3 days in advance as expected.

Gopal Rai said, everything is already decided in this. All monitoring is being done in CAQM. As soon as we get the notice, we will send these suggestions to the Air Quality Commission (CAQM), the decision-making committee set up by the Supreme Court in the matter of pollution.

5 thousand rupees a month to laborers

Environment Minister Gopal Rai said, “This is a commendable step. Every year when the construction work is stopped due to increasing pollution, then the government sends money to the workers’ account for financial help”.

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