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Delhi’s special millet canteen, will get tasty food made from coarse grains, new menu every day

New Delhi. Year 2023 is being celebrated as Millet Year in the world. In view of this, millets are being promoted a lot so that people can use millets in their food and take care of their health. In view of this, a new initiative has also been started in the canteen of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. What is this new initiative? What is special? Let’s know.

In the canteen of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the menu of coarse cereals was first brought, but at that time very few people used to eat it. Gradually, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya removed all the fried food and everything and started the menu of only millet here. Today’s condition is that everyone is crazy about the food made from millet in this canteen.

new menu everyday
Everyday a new menu is prepared in this canteen. Everyone gets nutritious food here. Not only food, people are also told about millets here. There is a machine here in which many snacks made from millets have also been told. Canteen owner Laxman told News18 that this initiative by our Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya is good and also necessary. When this initiative started, very few people used to come to the canteen, but now many people have come to know about it and are liking it a lot. He said that this campaign of coarse grains is very good. Due to this people are able to eat good food and also make health. The Corona period has taught us that we have to keep our lifestyle good.
Laxman, the owner of the canteen, says that the menu here changes everyday. We try to give tasty and good nutritious food to the people. Earlier 70 people used to come here. Now 170 people come here and everyone likes this food. He says that earlier pakoras, samosas, all these were available in the canteen. now in the canteen millet Food made from it is available or items of coarse grains are available. People are also liking him now. This initiative is now going to start in AIIMS and all the canteens.

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New test liked by people
People say that we are working in the Health Ministry, so it is very important that we pay equal attention to our health. The manner in which this initiative is being taken continuously, people are now getting to know about food grains. To avoid diseases, we should improve our food and drink. This should be done in every canteen. Millet food has now become a separate identity. People said that along with health, we also get a new test every day, which is very important.

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