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Democratic Progressive lost in local elections, Taiwan President Sai Ing-wen resigns from the post of party chief

Taipei (Taiwan). Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-wen has taken the responsibility of the defeat in the elections of the local units. After this, on Saturday evening, he resigned from the post of the head of the ruling party Democratic Progressive. Sai resigned from the post of party chief after a brief address following the tradition after the electoral defeat. During this, he also thanked the supporters.

Sai said she takes responsibility for the defeat as she herself selected the candidates for Saturday’s election. Voters in Taiwan chose the opposition Nationalist Party for a number of key positions in Saturday’s election, in which local issues dominated rather than concerns about threats from China.

Nationalist Party mayor won in capital Taipei
Nationalist Party candidate Chiang Wan-en won the mayoral post in the capital Taipei. Other opposition party candidates captured the mayoral posts of Taoyuan, Taichung and New Taipei City.

Voting took place in 13 regions and 9 cities
Voting took place in all 13 counties and nine cities in Taiwan to elect mayors, city council members and other local leaders. Through this poll, a referendum is also being conducted whether the minimum age of voters should be reduced from 20 years to 18 years. Voting started at 8 am local time on Saturday.

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