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Demonstration of the power of indigenous weapons, can be deployed on LAC adjacent to China

Defense Expo 2022: India has started its indigenous weapons exhibition Defense Expo-2022 (Defence Expo 2022) amid the confrontation on China’s Line of Control (LAC). Weapons and technology have been displayed in Asia’s largest defense exhibition in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. This technology can be used in the future on the LAC adjacent to China.

In such a situation, ABP News will tell you what is exclusive in this Defense Expo?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this exhibition on Wednesday (October 19) at the India Pavilion in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. Although in this hall one to one indigenous tanks, cannons, missiles and drones are kept, but the most important of these is BMP See-Through Armor.

For the last several decades, the Indian Army had been using Russia’s mechanized-infantry soldiers for the movement. These BMP vehicles were manufactured by India’s OFB ie Ordnance Factory in India with the help of Russia, but during the confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh, the army faced some operational problems in it.

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what was the problem?
The most important problem in this was that the commander and the driver sitting inside could not understand properly the incidents happening outside. In such a situation, the movement of the enemy on the battlefield or on the border could not be detected. In such a situation, the army approached a startup in Chennai.

What was the solution found?
Chennai’s Big Bang Boom Solution designed a spectacle that had a special kind of camera. This is not an ordinary camera but a see-through camera. With this camera one can get a 350 degree view of the battlefield by sitting inside the BMP. Gaurav Sharma, Chief Officer of Bing Bang Solution, told in a conversation with ABP that this see-through software is completely indigenous and it shows the complete picture up to 700 meters outside, rather which tank belongs to the enemy or its army. It is also known.

For this, Artificial Intelligence ie AI has also been used in the camera. Also, the quality of the camera is Full HD, due to which the video outside is very clearly visible. Apart from this, it can be used both day and night.

Ashok Leyland 4×4 LBPV
India’s Ashok Leyland Company, which has supplied 70 thousand military trucks to the Indian Army so far, has now moved towards making Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV). In fact, during the confrontation with China on the LAC, the Indian Army had to face a lot of difficulties in movement in the high altitude areas of Ladakh.

China’s PLA army moves very fast in its Humvi vehicles, whereas Indian soldiers used to do it in their Gypsy or BMP vehicle. But they had to face some difficulty in moving in the high altitude area. In such a situation, the Indian Army insisted on making Humvi-style ICVs from indigenous companies. Ashok Leyland has made an ICV vehicle which is named as Light Bullet Proof Vehicle. This armored vehicle of Ashok Leyland has completed its trials in desert and high altitude areas.

Patrolling will become easier in high altitude areas
Ashok Leyland (Defense) Vice President Rajesh S. told ABP News that these vehicles have also been made for the soldiers posted on the border so that soldiers can patrol in these vehicles. Rajesh expressed hope that the way the Indian Army needs patrolling at high altitude, it is very effective for it. Because in LBPV six soldiers can sit comfortably and can also target the enemy sitting inside.

What is the specialty of this vehicle?
If we talk about the specialty of this vehicle, then a soldier can shoot and target enemies even while standing on the sun-roof. Apart from this, in LBPV, the engine is placed in the middle instead of the front so that there is no damage to the engine if hit from the front. Since the vehicle is bullet proof, it cannot cause more damage than a bullet or a bomb. Recently, the Army’s Udhampur-based Northern Command had bought similar ICVs from private companies for deployment in Eastern Ladakh.

The Vice President of Ashok Leyland told that the LBPV has recently been bought by the Indian Air Force. The Air Force will use these special vehicles for patrolling its air-base and combating terrorists.

L&T Light Tanks
When the Indian Army did mobilization during the confrontation with China in Eastern Ladakh, the biggest challenge was to deploy tanks at an altitude of 14-15 thousand feet. Indian Army uses heavy tanks like T-90 and T-72.

In such a situation, there were a lot of problems in deploying these tanks on the LAC adjacent to China by crossing the world’s highest passes. This is the reason why the Indian Army wants to buy indigenous light-tanks to be deployed on the LAC. The Indian Army has started Project Zoravar for this.

‘Supplied 100 tanks’
To meet the shortage of light tanks for the Indian Army, L&T is designing its own light tanks. L&T had earlier developed Light Armored Vehicles in collaboration with the Philippines, but now it also wants to design and manufacture light tanks on its own.

L&T (Defense) advisor Jayant D Patil told ABP News that their light tank would be ready by June next year. Let us tell you that the Indian Army is going to order the next batch of L&T’s K-9 Vajra cannon soon. This consignment of 100 guns will be deployed only on the LAC adjacent to China. This cannon, which looks like a tank, has been prepared in India by L&T with the help of South Korea. The Indian Army has already bought 100 guns from this company.

India will supply arms to the world
However, these guns were taken to be deployed in the desert i.e. on the border with Pakistan. But when tensions increased with China in eastern Ladakh, special winter-kits were installed in these guns and transported to LAC. But the new K-9 guns that will come will already have winter-kits. Jayant Patil assured that in the near future, Indian soldiers will not only be equipped with indigenous weapons, but India will also supply weapons to the world under Made for World.

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