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Dengue worsens the situation across the country, so far 60 patients have died in 12 states, know what is the situation in which state?

New Delhi : So far this year, about 80 thousand dengue cases have been reported in the country. The serious thing is that so far 60 patients have died due to dengue in 12 states. Kerala has the highest number of deaths due to dengue, where 20 dengue patients have died. After this, 6 patients have died in Rajasthan and Haryana. At the same time, 3 patients have lost their lives in West Bengal and Punjab. Patients have also died due to dengue in Bihar, Tamil Nadu. In view of the situation, 13-14 teams constituted by the Center are on tour to the most affected states.

This information has been received by quoting highly placed sources of the Ministry of Health. According to sources, about 25% of the total cases have been reported from January to June in different states. Cases have increased rapidly in the last two and a half months.

Dengue cases reported this year

Telangana: More than 10 thousand cases
Karnataka: Around 6500 cases
Rajasthan: About 6 thousand cases
Odisha and Maharashtra: Around 5000 cases
Tamil Nadu: Around 4500 cases
Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat: Around 4000 cases
Delhi: Around 3500 cases
Kerala: Around 3200 cases
Haryana: Around 2500 cases
Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh: About 2 thousand cases
Uttarakhand: Around 1500 cases
Andaman and Nicobar: Around 1000 cases
Dadra Nagarhaveli: Around 400 cases
Chandigarh: Around 300 cases

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