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Desh, Bindaas, Almira… how do you say these words, pronunciation of 800 words included in Oxford Dictionaries

New Delhi : How do you pronounce words like ‘desh’ and ‘bindas’ almira, diya, bachcha. Oxford Dictionaries includes pronunciation guides and ‘audios’ for over 800 words associated with Indian English. According to Oxford University Press, Indian English has increased the number of global variants of pronunciation included in this dictionary to 16. As such, the recent entry in the World English Pronunciation Audio Archive has bridged a huge gap for the 130 million Indian English speakers in the country.

English biggest priority in India
‘Ever since we began to expand our coverage of pronunciation for variants of British and American English and include audio, Indian English has become one of our most popular languages,’ said Dr Catherine Sangster, Pronunciation Editor for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Has been a big priority and one of our biggest challenges.
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Developed ‘transcription model’
‘I am delighted that we have developed a ‘transcription model’ to deal with this complexity and can now provide pronunciation for this very important form of English in the OED,’ he added. Other Indian words that are spelled in the dictionary include ‘diya’, ‘child’ (also includes a small animal) and ‘almira’. Since 2016 the OED has been expanding its methods of pronunciation for many global variants of English.

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Researchers will benefit
Denisa Salazar, World English Editor, Oxford English Dictionary, said: ‘The inclusion of pronunciation of Indian English in the IED is an important step towards documenting the pronunciation of such a large segment of the world’s English-speaking population. This will make the OED a more useful resource for those doing research on global variants of English.’

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