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Desi heart will become the medicine of the world! Why cardiologists are expressing so much hope on the initiative of IIT Kanpur

New Delhi. IIT Kanpur, one of the best engineering institutes in the country, set a target to develop an artificial heart within two years. For this, the institute has formed a team of eight young engineers with various specializations, who have been selected from more than 200 candidates.

By the way, the artificial heart has been invented many years ago and till now it has been installed in many patients. In such a situation, the question arises that why are the cardiologists of India placing so much hope on this initiative of IIT Kanpur.

Devi Shetty, founder chairman and cardiologist at Narayana Health, explains the main reason behind her expectation that the artificial hearts currently available in the world are extremely expensive. In his article written in the Times of India, he states that the cost of an artificial heart in India is about one crore rupees, while in America it costs more than one million dollars. In such a situation, this artificial heart remains limited to the reach of very rich patients.

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This artificial heart will be very cheap
Dr. Shetty says that the artificial heart being developed by IIT Kanpur is expected to be a lot. He argues that IIT Kanpur already has excellent engineering experts. Apart from this, this institute also has a great lab. Therefore, the initial problem of developing an artificial heart for this team has already been resolved.

He says that the initial capital for this project has been raised by some alumni of IIT Kanpur and further needs are expected to be funded in the form of government grants and funds from private funding agencies and charities.

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Help will be available from heart experts across the country
Dr Shetty says that since this is a non-profit project, many cardiologists working in the government and private sector will also not hesitate to join it. He says, “It was heartening to see the presence of eminent cardiologists from the private sector along with senior cardiologists from Delhi AIIMS at the recent meeting organized by IIT Kanpur in Delhi to showcase the progress made in this project.”

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He points out that IIT Kanpur is planning to build not only the ‘world’s cheapest artificial heart’ but ‘the world’s most advanced artificial heart’, which will be affordable as the entire development cost will be paid for through grants and donations. will go.

India’s Center of Excellence for Space Research, ie ISRO, is also expected to help in this project of IIT Kanpur, as some important components of artificial hearts are similar to those used in our space missions.

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