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DGCA strict on the issue of smoke in the cabin of Spice Jet aircraft, warning of action

SpiceJet Emergency Landing: Taking serious note of the incident of emergency landing of SpiceJet’s Goa-bound aircraft in Hyderabad, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken strict action. DGCA has ordered SpiceJet to test all Q400 aircraft engines within a week. The DGCA issued a statement on Monday saying that it will take all appropriate steps to avoid any untoward incident in any future.

Let us inform that on October 12, SpiceJet from Goa to Hyderabad made an emergency landing at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The pilot of SpiceJet’s SG 3735 aircraft noticed smoke coming out of the aircraft, after which immediately informed the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). After this, the ground staff was alerted in a hurry. Although all the passengers were safe in this accident.

DGCA instructions
The DGCA said in a statement that preliminary investigations have found evidence of engine oil entering the aircraft’s air conditioning system, causing smoke in the cabin. The Directorate General of Aviation has also ordered SpiceJet to send samples of all oil used in the aircraft to Canada every 15 days, to ensure that they do not contain any metal or carbon seals. Apart from this, the DGCA has also directed the airline to immediately check the magnetic chip detectors on all Q400 aircraft for the presence of any metal particles.

There were 86 passengers on board the Apous Jet, which took off from Goa to Hyderabad. The flight took off from Goa at 9.55 pm and just before the scheduled landing in Hyderabad at 11.30 pm, the pilot noticed smoke in the cockpit. The incident reportedly caused panic among the passengers and a woman passenger had fallen ill due to the smoke.

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