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Diabetes And Neem Leaves: Does Eating Neem Leaves Control Diabetes? learn from doctor


Neem leaves are known for their insect repellant properties.
Consumption of bitter gourd is beneficial to control blood sugar.

Neem Leaves And Blood Sugar Level: Consuming neem leaves has many health benefits. You must have been hearing this thing since childhood. To a large extent this is also true. In Ayurveda also, neem leaves are said to be beneficial for health. Many people also consider neem leaves to be effective in diabetes. Now the question arises that can the blood sugar control of diabetic patients be controlled by eating neem leaves? Can Neem really prove to be a boon for sugar patients? The answers to all these questions are known from the doctor.

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Should Diabetes Patients Eat Neem Leaves?

Dr. Lalit Kaushik, Diabetes Specialist of Faridabad says that neem leaves are known to have insect repellent property. However, so far no proven research has come to the fore that blood sugar can be controlled by eating neem leaves. Doctors do not advise diabetic patients to eat neem leaves to control blood sugar. Consuming berries, fenugreek, bitter gourd, linseed seeds and some oil seeds are considered beneficial to control blood sugar. These are the best vegetarian products, which should be consumed by diabetic patients.

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How to control diabetes?

According to Dr. Lalit Kaushik, people suffering from diabetes should definitely do their blood sugar test every day. One should be careful about food and drink and should avoid eating such things, which are at risk of developing diabetes. Sugar patients should control their weight and must exercise or walk every day. One should not be careless about medicines and insulin dosage should be taken according to the advice of the doctor. You should also consult a doctor from time to time.

Know the main symptoms of diabetes

– feeling extremely tired
– Urine comes after a while
– frequent thirst
– Pain in arms, legs and head
– having sexual problems
– blurred vision
– excessive hunger
– rapid weight loss

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