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Didn’t even have money to buy food… debt-ridden father throws daughter into lake, commits suicide

Bengaluru: She bought biscuits and chocolates for her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter while leaving Bangalore. He used to play with her on the back seat of the car. But the thought of being harassed by the lenders deterred him from returning home and he did the unthinkable- killed his daughter before trying to end her life. This was told to the police by debt-ridden techie Rahul Parmar (45), who narrowly escaped the suicide attempt. He claimed before the police, ‘She started crying (her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter) and I was left with no money. An even worse situation awaited me when I returned home. I hugged him tightly and killed him. My compulsion of not being able to buy food for him forced me to take this decision. I jumped into the lake to kill myself with him, but did not drown.’

The mother did not even give a penny to the debt-ridden daughter to pay the fees, donated 6 crores, but why did she do this?

According to a Times of India report, Rahul, who was arrested on charges of killing his daughter Jia and dumping her body in a lake near Kendatti on the Bangalore-Kolar highway, was taken to the crime scene on Friday. Police sources said, “Rahul said he regretted killing his daughter, but he had no option.” Rahul and Zia went missing on 15 November. Rahul had left home to drop his daughter at school, but both did not return. His wife Bhavya filed a missing report. The next morning, Jia’s body is found in the lake and the police suspect that Rahul may have committed suicide as well. He had definitely tried to kill himself by jumping into the lake, but did not drown and survived.

Rahul had lost his job, suffered financial losses in bitcoin trading and faced police investigation for filing a false case of robbery. He had mortgaged the gold in the house and told his wife that his jewelry had been looted. He was emotionally attached to his daughter and decided to kill himself fearing the wrath of the people from whom he had borrowed money. He said in police interrogation, ‘I had left the house in the morning, planning to kill myself and my daughter. Many times, I thought of going back home. But the thought of harassing the creditors prevented me from going back.’

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