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Diwali 2022: Sailing yacht shaped candle is very special, know connection with England

Report – Himanshu Joshi

Nainital. Nainital of Uttarakhand, which is known as Sarovar City, is famous for many things. One of these is the candles here. As a reminder of the city, tourists definitely take candles with them. With Diwali, candle business is increasing in Nainital. Colorful and attractive candles remain the center of attraction in the markets of Nainital.

These famous candles of Nainital have also had historical importance. This business was started by CA Joy of England. However, in the 70s, the candle business took shape in Nainital. As beautiful and attractive as these candles look, it is equally hard to make them.

Rajiv, who is associated with the candle business in Nainital, says that there are many types of designs in candles. In these, candles like the size of yachts running in Nainital are also made. These sailing yachts were brought to Nainital by the British. Earlier, candles of their large size were also made, but due to the cost of wax, their size was reduced. This candle of Nainital is like a symbol.

Businessman Varsha Mehrotra told that his candle business is going on in Nainital since 1971. Different designs have been given on candles over the years. At present, candles related to Aroma Candles and Pahari Culture will be seen. Tourists also like these candles more. He said that good work is going on in view of the festivals. People buy candles to light their homes on Diwali.

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