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Doctor, he was cutting fruit, got cut in his hand… Aftab went to the hospital after Shraddha’s body was cut into pieces.

New Delhi: In the murder of 26-year-old Shraddha Walker, the police have reached the doctor who treated Aftab Amin Poonawalla for the wound on his right hand. Actually, while cutting the dead body of his live-in partner into 36 pieces, Aftab’s hand also had knife wounds. In the last week of May, he went to the doctor for treatment. He had to get 5-6 stitches in his hand. When the police was searching Aftab’s house, only then a doctor’s slip was found, after which this thing came to know. The police have taken the statement of the doctor and now he is being considered as the main witness in the case. Police is now going to court for narco test of Aftab as he is giving evasive answers to questions. The police suspect that he has committed the murder under a well-planned conspiracy.

Yes, I remember that day very well. It will be around 11 am on May 18. When he (Aftab Amin) came to my hospital. There was a two-three inch long cut on his right hand. Blood was coming out. It seemed as if it had been cut with a sharp edged knife-like weapon. He was given 5-6 stitches.

Dr. Anil Kumar Singh of Apex Hospital

Coming to Delhi is part of the plan
An investigator told, ‘Investigation so far in the murder case has revealed that the sudden shift to Delhi may have been a part of Aftab’s plan. Shraddha was murdered just 3-4 days after both of them shifted to Chhatarpur flat. Dr. Anil Singh of Apex Hospital, Chhatarpur told that Aftab had come to the hospital in May, there were cut marks on his hand. He said, ‘He was speaking in English and seemed very aggressive and hyper. He was talking loudly and continuously. Usually such patients are not there but that was something different. The doctor told that he had put 5-6 stitches on Aftab’s hand. When the doctor asked how the hand got injured, he said that while cutting the fruit, the knife slipped and hit the hand. The doctor had asked if there was any quarrel, to which he had said ‘no no’.

Neither was he doing it with pain nor did he oops at all. He was speaking English very well and the whole time he looked me in the eyes and spoke with great confidence. At that time, I did not feel even for a moment that he had come here after killing a girl and dismembering her body.

The doctor who stitched Aftab’s hand

no pain even when stitching
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh told that on the morning of May 18, my staff told that a patient has come in emergency. He has a cut on his hand. He has to get stitches. He reached to her. He had a cut on his arm and was bleeding. Asked him how he got cut, he told that he got stabbed while cutting fruits at home. The doctor told that he also believed his words. He was speaking English from the beginning. They spoke to him in Hindi, yet he preferred to speak in English. He was speaking fluent English. He was not feeling pain even while getting stitches. At one time he found it a bit strange, but then he felt that he must be strong-hearted. That’s why after getting so many cuts, he is not even doing Uff while getting stitches.

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He was definitely behaving a little strange to see, but it was not suspicious. Initially, when he came to the hospital, he did not sit. He remained standing. He was not ready to listen to the doctor, was just saying his own thing first. As if he is in a hurry to get his treatment done. While talking, Aftab had also told the doctor that he was not from Delhi. He is a resident of Mumbai. Here he has come to work in the IT sector in Gurugram. He took his point in a very positive way that look, the youth of Mumbai are also coming here to do jobs.

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It didn’t seem like he had come after committing a murder.
Dr. Anil Kumar told that he also told this to his wife Dr. Rekha Singh, whose maternal home is in Mumbai. After treating Aftab, he told his wife that a young patient had come. He had amazing confidence. During the time he stayed in the hospital, some haste was seen in him. He was over talking himself. After getting stitches, he was also asked to rest for some time in the hospital itself. But he did not stop, went on. According to Dr. Singh, while talking to him, not even once did he feel that he was coming after committing such a brutal murder. He didn’t seem dejected or scared.

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Dr. Singh told that after he was caught, the police took him to his hospital. When the police told them that he had killed in such a dangerous way, in which the dead body was cut into pieces and that too about 6 months ago. Then he recognized him. He was very surprised to know that such a boy can also do such a dangerous act. The police asked him what treatment he had come here to get. The doctor told all that to the police. Aftab, who came with the police two days ago, was still looking like he had come 6 months ago to get stitches. But he didn’t talk to her that day.



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