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Doctor will give compensation of 1.75 lakh to patient’s family, after all what happened 19 years ago

Kerala. A family from Kerala got justice after a long battle of 19 years. Due to a mistake of the doctor, his daughter had died. She was suffering from blood cancer. The girl died on 21 September 2003. After this his parents had moved the court. He had alleged that there was negligence on the part of a medical team led by Dr PM Kutty of Kozhikode Medical College. Because of this, his daughter Anjali has died. Now the doctor has been directed to pay a compensation of Rs 1.75 lakh to the parents of the girl.

News 18 Kerala said in a report that in 1996, Anjali was diagnosed with blood cancer. The family living in Wayanad had taken the child to Kozhikode Medical College for treatment. A few years later, the doctor there claimed that Anjali’s cancer was completely cured.

Migraine was told by the doctor

In 2002, Anjali started seeing blurred. Then he was taken to Dr. PM Kutty. The doctor told the parents that it was the onset of migraine and prescribed medicine for it. The child completely lost his sight at the end of the year. Then advanced test revealed that he cancer Is. Panicked parents took the girl to hospitals in Bangalore and Coimbatore. The doctors here were surprised to know that chemotherapy was never prescribed to the girl. The doctors came to know that the disease had reached the advanced stage. Then the next year Anjali died.

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The commission of inquiry had given instructions to give compensation to the doctor.

According to a News18 Kerala report, in 2008, an inquiry commission had found Dr. Kutty guilty and asked Anjali’s family to pay compensation. After this the doctor appealed in the Kerala High Court. However, the girl’s parents finally got compensation. The state health department confiscated the money from the doctor and handed it over to the couple. Anjali’s mother Mini Ganesh said that finally her daughter got justice.

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