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Does eating potato chips, french fries cause diabetes? Risk of kidney disease too! Know the truth from the doctor


Excessive consumption of potatoes can be very harmful for health.
Eating more potatoes increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Potato Side Effects: Potatoes are widely used in food in all households. Be it potato vegetable or any other delicious dish made from it, everyone from kids to old people eats them with great fervor. Due to being tasty, food items made from potatoes have become very popular among children. From potato chips to french fries, kids as well as youths also like to eat them. But do you know that consuming more potatoes can give you many diseases. Eating more fried potatoes increases obesity as well as increases the risk of diabetes. Along with this, many other diseases also engulf you.

Eating potatoes in limited quantity is beneficial for health, but if potatoes are eaten excessively due to taste, then it can cause great harm. of Indore Division Former Regional Director and CMHO Dr. Shantilal Porwal (Dr. Shantilal Porwal) According to the study, a lot of starch is found in potatoes, due to which eating it in excess increases the risk of diabetes. Due to diabetes, it also affects the kidney and many other diseases can also arise.

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Disadvantages of eating more potatoes

1. Obesity – Potato test is liked by people of all ages. Many types of fast food are prepared from potatoes. From potato chips to french fries, potato food items are very popular among the youth. Excessive consumption of potatoes becomes a major reason for obesity. It also contains a lot of carbohydrate which works to increase fat.

2. Diabetes – Excessive consumption of potatoes can make you a diabetic patient. Potatoes contain a lot of simple carbohydrates as well as starch, which increases the risk of diabetes. People who have diabetes, excessive consumption of potatoes increases the level of sugar in their blood.

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3. Potassium – A lot of potassium is also found in potatoes. People who have kidney damage or have reduced kidney function, their kidneys are unable to filter the excess amount of potassium present in the blood, which can cause a lot of problems.

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