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Does peahen become pregnant by drinking peacock’s tears? it’s no longer the secret of the jungle

New Delhi: Peacocks never have physical intercourse. How are their children? They cry, tears fall, the peahen drinks those tears and gives birth to children.’ A famous narrator has said this from the stage. His video is also available on social media. She says that is why Lord Krishna wears peacock feathers. Now just search on Google, you will find many types of curiosities and questions related to making peacock-peacock relationship. Peacock is a bird that does not lay eggs, so how are peacocks born? Does peahen really become pregnant by drinking peacock’s tears? Do peacocks really never mate? Does peahen get pregnant by drinking peacock’s tears? After reading so much, you will also get confused that what is the truth? What the narrator is saying or something. Today’s talk in ‘Jungle News’ is on this topic.

Before proceeding further, know that this confusion is so much that a High Court judge had said that why peacock is the national bird, because it remains celibate. Peacock becomes pregnant from her tears. Say thanks, thanks to the mobile camera, due to which many people also made a video of the meeting and then slowly the misunderstanding started to clear.

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Clear all the confusion today because peacocks and peahens also reproduce like other animals and humans. Till the advent of mobile cameras, few people could see this, so the rumors got strengthened. Although scientists have never told it right. One interesting thing you should know about is that some birds mate with a special kind of ‘kiss’. This is called cloacal kiss in English.

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There has been a lot of debate on this on Quora as well. Here, many people have cleared the confusion and told that the talk of peahen getting pregnant after drinking peacock’s tears is baseless. The method of reproduction is the same as that of other birds. When all birds including peacocks make a relationship, the male bird rides on the back of the female. During this, the male transfers his sperm into the female’s body.

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Each time it takes up to 15 seconds for the birds to mate. Male and female press their cloaca together for some time. Delhi’s renowned wildlife photographer Vinod Goyal has taken many photographs of peacock-peahen bonding.

From today onwards, removing all the confusion, understand how peacock and peahen come close to each other. Seeing the peacock, the peacock starts dancing. Morni looks at him all the way. She comes in front of him only when attracted. After this, the process of clockwork kiss of 9 to 15 seconds starts. Vinod Goyal, who was in civil service, writes that when a couple is busy in meeting, the other peacock comes closer with curious eyes to see what is going on. He watches from behind them. Being a photographer, he writes that capturing pictures of mating takes a lot of patience and time.

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