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Doodle of Kolkata’s little verse made on Google’s homepage, the artwork of innocent hands won everyone’s heart

Shlok Mukherjee Google Doodle: Giant company Google celebrated Children’s Day in India in a very unique way. Doodle for Google Competition was organized by Google on the last day (14th November). In this, 1,15,000 children from 1st to 10th class from 100 cities of India participated. In this competition, 9-year-old Shlok Mukherjee of Kolkata has won on the basis of his skills. His doodle was seen on the search engine for the whole day.

If you have also noticed this special doodle of Google on Children’s Day, then you have already seen this doodle made by lovely hands. Titled ‘India on the Center Stage’, the artwork is the brainchild of nine-year-old Shlok Mukherjee. He brought his art to the homepage of the world’s largest search engine. Shloka’s artwork was selected as the winner in the ‘Doodle for Google 2022’ contest.

‘India after 25 years’

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Shlok’s father Suman Mukherjee told that he had come to know about this competition of Google, whose theme was ‘India after 25 years’. Shlok only took part to see how the contest was. As soon as he got the topic, he started making his design. Its purpose was to show India’s Ayurveda, space travel and nature on one platform. Most of these six days took time to think about what to make.

how the winners were chosen

Google told that 20 doodles were finalized by a team of judges. The team of judges included eminent personalities like Editor-in-Chief of Tinkle Comics, Kuriakose Vaisian. All these doodles were posted on the platform for online voting. In this, alignment with the theme of Artistic Merit, Creativity, Contest was made the basis. Along with this, five lakh people took part in the voting to choose the winners.

Rs 5 lakh scholarship

Google will also give a college scholarship of Rs 5 lakh to Shlok and a technology package of Rs 2 lakh for the school. Shlok Mukherjee studies at Delhi Public School in Newtown, Kolkata. He told about his doodle that in the next 25 years, My India will make scientists their own eco-friendly robots for the betterment of humanity.

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