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Drastic drop in sperm count of men across the world affecting not only fertility but also health report – Drastic drop in sperm count of men across the world affecting not only fertility but also health report – News18

New Delhi: An international team of researchers has found a significant decline in sperm count in many countries of the world including India in the last few years. The researchers reported that sperm count is an indicator not only of human fertility but also of men’s health, and low levels are associated with an increased risk of chronic disease, ovarian cancer and aging. He told that this decline reflects the global crisis related to modern environment and lifestyle, which has a wide impact on the existence of human species.

magazine ‘Human Reproduction Update’ The study published on Tuesday used data from 53 countries. Seven years in this (2011-2018) and focuses on sperm counts in men in regions that have not been previously reviewed, such as South America, Asia and Africa. The data shows that the total sperm count (tsc) and a decline in sperm concentration previously observed in North America, Europe and Australia.

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Hegai Levin, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel ‘PTI-Bhasha’ Said, ‘India is part of this larger trend. Due to good data available in India, we can say with more certainty that there has been a huge decline in sperm count but this has been seen all over the world. “Overall we are seeing a decline of more than 50 per cent in sperm count worldwide over the past 46 years, and this has accelerated in recent years,” Levine said.

Although the current study did not address the reasons for the decline in sperm count, Levine said that disruption of reproductive tract development during fetal life is associated with lifelong loss of fertility. Lenin said, ‘Lifestyle and chemicals in the environment are adversely affecting this development of the fetus.’ in america Icahn School of Medicine Professor Shana Swan said that a decrease in sperm count not only affects men’s fertility, but also has more serious effects on men’s health.

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