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‘Earthquake clinics’ will be opened in every district of Bihar, builders will no longer be able to mislead you by showing fear of earthquake! – earthquake clinics will be opened in every district of bihar builders not mislead you by fear nodrss – News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Earthquake tremors keep coming from time to time in different parts of the country. Sometimes strong tremors of earthquake also occur, due to which there is a lot of damage to life and property. Various measures are being taken to ensure that the earthquake does not cause much damage in the country. Along with the central government, the state governments are also taking initiative in their own way. One such initiative has started in Bihar recently. Bihar Government has now decided to open an ‘Earthquake Clinic’ in every district. ‘Earthquake clinics’ have also opened in Bihar’s capital Patna, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur.

Due to earthquake, Bihar has been kept under Seismic Zone-4.

from your city (Patna)

If an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurs in Bihar, then heavy losses may have to be incurred. (Image: Twitter/Pratibharathi18)

In such a situation, NDRF teams are warning people about its danger by doing mock drill of earthquake in earthquake clinic. Along with this, it also gives training on how to avoid earthquake. Earthquake clinic gives important advice like how to build houses, rebuild houses damaged in earthquakes and how to save your life during an earthquake.

Earthquake clinic started in Bihar
A full house has been constructed in these earthquake clinics. Two types of houses have been built in this clinic. One house is made of brick and cement, while the other is made of steel sheets along with bamboo and thatch. Both these houses have been built in the same complex. It is written inside both these houses that how to build your house so that there is no effect of earthquake.

An earthquake clinic will open in every district
In the earthquake clinic, the engineer tells about the house made of brick and cement, how the plinth of the house should be, what should be the depth of the peeler, the size and use of rebar, as well as how the ventilation should be arranged. Similarly, about bamboo houses, it is also told here how to keep it safe during an earthquake and how the house should be built.

If an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurs in Bihar, then heavy losses may have to be incurred.

In many parts of the country, marketing has also started by showing the fear of earthquake by the builders. (News 18)

You’ll be taught this in earthquake clinics
Civil engineer Anil Kumar, who provides consultancy for earthquake-resistant houses, says in a conversation with News-18 Hindi. ‘To my knowledge, no instrument that can predict earthquakes has come to the fore in India so far. Yes, we keep advising and warning people for the strength of houses on the basis of seismic zone. Bihar has been placed under Seismic Zone-4. If an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurs here, then the possibility of a heavy one cannot be ruled out. In such a situation, many things have to be taken care of while building a house.

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Overall, marketing has also started in many parts of the country by showing the fear of earthquake by the builders. Many companies have also started selling gadgets online by the name of earthquake alarm and earthquake alarm system. These companies claim that when an earthquake occurs, these alarms will start ringing, due to which sleeping people can wake up and run away. Now ‘Earthquake Clinic’ will make people aware of such misleading information. However, after the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act 2019 in the country, action has also started on these misleading advertisements.

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