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Earthquake: Earthquake has occurred in Nepal 6 times in 11 days, this morning the earth shook in Uttarakhand too

New Delhi : Due to the earthquake in Nepal, reports of loss of life and property are coming out in Doti district and many other places. Due to the magnitude of the earthquake being 6.3, the damage is still being speculated to be more. It is not that this lonely strong earthquake occurred in Nepal late in the night. It started only last Saturday, when an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 struck here. Since then the land of Nepal has been shaking continuously. Talking about the last 11 days, so far 6 earthquakes have occurred in Nepal. By the way, after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, there was an earthquake in the hill state of India, whose intensity has been measured at 4.3.

According to information received from the National Center for Seismology of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, the earth of Nepal has been shaking for the last 11 days. An earthquake of magnitude 4.1 occurred on 30 October at 9:11 am. Since then, the sequence of frequent earthquakes in Nepal continues.

Know, when the earthquake occurred in Nepal

October 30: 9:11 am, intensity 4.1

October 6: 9:58 pm, intensity 4.4

October 8: 8:52 pm, intensity 4.9

October 8: 9:41 pm, intensity 3.5

October 9: 1:57 pm, intensity 6.3

October 9: 3:15 pm, intensity 3.6

After the Nepal earthquake, the chain of aftershock continued. An earthquake also struck Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand’s hilly state of Nepal’s adjoining country on Wednesday morning. This earthquake occurred at 6.27 in the morning. Its magnitude has been measured at 4.3 on the Richter scale.

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