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Earthquake Updates: Not only in Delhi, the ground shook in Gwalior as well, people ran away from their homes; Night of fear like this

Report: Vijay Rathore

Gwalior. Late night people in the city suddenly panicked when the earth started shaking in some areas. People ran out of their homes in panic. There was a lot of panic on everyone’s face and why not when the ground was shaking badly for more than half a minute. It is being told that the intensity of this earthquake has been measured at about 6.5 on the Richter scale.

On Tuesday night around 10:23, when people were resting in their homes, then suddenly the earth started to vibrate. People say that in this way the earth started shaking as if someone was shaking it. of the city In the flats of Ravi Nagar area, fans etc started moving on their own, seeing which people got scared and came out of their homes.

from your city (Gwalior)

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Vivek Awasthi, who lives in a flat in Ravi Nagar, told that it must have been around 10:15 or 10:20 in the night, when suddenly the tremors were felt. “As if the ground was shaking, I saw that the lock of the cupboard was slowly shaking. After that suddenly a slight jolt was felt, after which the ceiling fan also started shaking. All the family members got scared and we all vacated the flat from above and reached the ground below. Informed even more people. Everyone left their homes and came on the road. In such a situation, many people got scared, then only earthquakes were reported in other places in the country. Only then our confusion was removed.

Significantly, the epicenter of this earthquake felt in Delhi NCR and many areas of North India is being told in Afghanistan.

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