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Eco-Friendly Rangoli: Rangoli made from 4 thousand old newspapers and junk on Diwali


Special eco friendly Rangoli made on Diwali.
Eco friendly Rangoli was ready in seven days.
Rangoli was made from old four thousand newspapers lying at home.

Khargone. On Diwali, women make beautiful rangolis, but in Khargone, a girl has made eco-friendly rangolis. This Rangoli is beautiful as well as unique because Sanyogita has made it by mixing old newspapers and junk. This eco friendly rangoli is attracting the attention of the people of the city. At the same time, it is giving a positive message by recycling and making old junk.

Sanyogita, a resident of Khargone, makes Rangoli every year on Diwali. But this time he thought of making a different type of Rangoli. After this, he again considered using the junk lying in the house. After a week of hard work, eco friendly Rangoli has been prepared. This Rangoli remains the center of attraction. In making this, Sanyogita has used junk and old newspapers lying in the house. By recycling this junk, Sanyogita has given a message to the society to make eco-friendly Rangoli.

Rangoli made from four thousand old newspapers
Rangoli has a lot of importance in the festival of Diwali. Because Rangoli is not only made for decoration but it also has religious significance. Sanyogita of Khargone has given a positive message in the society on Diwali by making eco-friendly Rangoli. In this Rangoli, Sanyogita has prepared Rangoli using four thousand old newspapers and pustules. Sanyogita made a roll of old newspapers and painted on it. Along with this, lamps and candles including brass utensils have also been used.

Message given by making eco friendly rangoli
Sanyogita believes that Mahalakshmi is pleased with Rangoli. That’s why Rangoli is made. But the purpose behind making eco friendly rangoli is to give message to the people. Sanyogita sends a positive message to the society through eco-friendly Rangoli. Because people usually throw the waste material on Diwali or give it to the junk person. In such a situation, Sanyogita gave a message that you can do something new through old junk. Making Rangoli or other things from waste material is the reuse of that spoiled material.

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