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Elections in Gujarat and 1 day leave in Maharashtra, government issued order – maharashtra government has given leave in view of gujarat elections these employees will be able to avail benefits

Mumbai, Maharashtra, adjacent to Gujarat, has made a big announcement in view of the assembly elections in the neighboring state. According to news agency ANI, the Maharashtra government has issued a GR allowing one day leave for the voters of Gujarat assembly working in the border districts of the state. It has been said in the circular that one day holiday will have to be given to the companies in the border districts of Maharashtra like Palghar, Nashik, Nandurbar and Dhule. At the same time, all private companies have been instructed to follow it. If the order is violated, action will be taken.

The Maharashtra government has also issued a GR regarding organizing the World Marathi Conference on 4-6 January 2023 in Mumbai. For this, all the institutions related to Marathi and Maharashtra of the state and the country are being invited. Big personalities of the state are expected to participate in this conference related to the pride of Maharashtra.

BJP’s 5 goals fixed for elections
Prime Minister Narendra Modi held 8 rallies in 48 hours to ensure BJP’s victory in the Gujarat assembly elections. After this, on November 23, he will again campaign with a bang in Gujarat. These election rallies of PM Modi were quite different from the previous rallies. He has mainly set 5 goals for BJP in these rallies.

In this, first- strongly attacking Rahul Gandhi for taking pictures with social worker Medha Patkar in Bharat Jodo Yatra, second- replying to Congress leader’s ‘status’ sarcasm pointing to the PM, third- in those places Taking care of rallies where BJP had performed badly last time, fourth- winning the current Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel with record votes, fifth- emphasizing the faith of Gujarati women in BJP.

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