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Enemies of the country can misuse media, NGOs and law system: Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh In Gujarat: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has expressed concern about the media, NGOs and the law system. In Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, he said that the opposing forces destroying the security of the country can misuse the media, social media, NGOs and the law system. He also said that these are all independent institutions and the enemies of the country will not back down from misusing it. He said that their freedom is not bad but it can also be misused.

Keeping his point, he said that there is a thinking that social media is free, then how to spread propaganda through it. Social media being free is not a bad thing, it should be free, media should also be free but see if media is free then how is it misused? How threats and divisive things are given space in the media in the name of freedom of expression and trying to get publicity from it.

He said that if there is freedom of NGOs, then anti-national forces have this mindset that how to use these NGOs so that they can paralyze the entire system of the country. If the judiciary is independent, then it is an attempt to stop the development works through legal means and legal loopholes. At the same time, if there is a dynamic democracy in a country, then how to attack its security by infiltrating political parties.

The example given of Bhima Korgaon

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The Defense Minister said that all these are not just fiction, but statements of strategists and are described in detail in the security documents of some countries. He cited the example of some reports which said that 50 percent of the tweets in the violence in Bhima Koregaon (in Pune district of Maharashtra in 2018) were from Pakistan.

Defense Minister Singh was addressing the second convocation of the National Defense University (RRU) at Lavad village in Gandhinagar district in Gujarat. He also stressed the need for the state agencies to work in an integrated manner. Singh said that with the changing times, there has been a vast change in the security related dimensions.

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