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‘Even her critics recognized the original personality’, Sonia Gandhi remembers Indira Gandhi like this

Indira Gandhi Birth Anniversary: Remembering Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi has said that even her critics have recognized her original personality and unchanging core. It defined who she was and what she did. He said this at a function organized on the occasion of Indira Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.

The award of the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize ceremony held in Delhi has been awarded to an NGO involved in improving the quality of education. In this program, Sonia Gandhi said that Indira Gandhi was committed to all-inclusive patriotism. His staunch secularism, his indomitable courage and patience, his sympathy for the poor and his easy rapport with the people have been his strengths.

This is how Sonia remembered Indira Gandhi

Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi lauded Indira’s unwavering support for self-reliance in all fields, especially science and technology. He was a firm believer in the value of education as a means of social emancipation and empowerment and made rapid efforts for the economic development of India.

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Meaning of what Sonia said

This statement of Sonia Gandhi has come at a time when the politics of Gandhi Nehru family and dynasty is being criticized. The Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development is given to those whose work has exemplified Indira’s ideals and causes. This time the first NGO has got this award. Giving the award to Pratham, Sonia Gandhi recalled Indira Gandhi quoting Swami Vivekananda and said that it is not important what he knows but what he becomes. Along with this, he praised Pratham as a remarkable institution.

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