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EXCLUSIVE: Will India’s intervention end Russia-Ukraine war? Did NSA Ajit Doval reach Moscow as a peace ambassador


National Security Advisor Ajit Doval arrived in Russia on Tuesday on an unannounced visit
US-UK trust New Delhi to persuade Moscow on ceasefire
NSA Doval can discuss many regional and international issues including terrorism, defense

New Delhi: India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is on a visit to Moscow. It is being said that he will take the initiative to improve relations by mediating between the two countries regarding the war with Ukraine. Top sources related to this development informed News18 about this. Ajit Doval arrived in Russia on Tuesday on an unannounced visit. Sources said he may primarily meet his counterpart Nikolai Petrushev.

At present, he is scheduled to meet only Patrushev. Although he may also hold meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin or other leaders, it is not yet decided. US and European powers, including France and Germany, are counting on New Delhi to persuade Moscow to agree to a ceasefire, sources said, indicating that India has the courage to move into a facilitator role following assurances from Western countries. have been found.

Due to war, there will be talk on issues related to the interests of the country and abroad.

On the other hand, Western leaders are pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to agree to a ceasefire and start talks with Russia for a deal. Sources said that India sees this as an opportunity because if they manage to achieve a ceasefire, then its respect in Europe will increase significantly. Another important aspect of this visit is to provide defense supplies to India.

In fact, India is concerned about global sanctions on Russia and its impact on supplies to India. Sources said that during the meeting, NSA Ajit Doval will also consider the supply of fuel to India and any possible talks. During his two-day visit, Ajit Doval is expected to discuss a number of regional and international issues, including food and energy security in the wake of Afghanistan, terrorism, defense and Ukraine war.

After the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out in February this year, the Ukrainian envoy to India had urged PM Narendra Modi to intervene to help stop Putin and condemn Russia’s act of war on Ukraine. At the same time, India has also appealed to both the countries at international forums to stop the war. India had said in the UN that no conclusion can be reached by shedding blood.

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