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Explainer : If you are in the flat of the high-rise buildings of apartments, then how will you be safe in the earthquake?


Experts believe that in the event of an earthquake, it is better for those living in high-rise flats to stay in the same.
Never go too close to doors and windows in the event of an earthquake living in highrises
stay flat just put something on them to protect the head and neck

On the night of March 21 in North India, people felt a strong tremor of 6.6 magnitude earthquake. When the high-rise buildings started shaking, the people living in the flats on the upper floors in the high-rise apartments had only one question in their mind, what to do if they get stuck in such a situation. It is clear that whenever there is a tremor of such an earthquake, then the high-rise building swings more and then we feel its danger more.

In the event of an earthquake, it is natural for the people living in the high-rise building to fear that they can neither go down the stairs nor use the lift so quickly.

Usually in TV, the same old methods of earthquake prevention were being told that by doing this you stand in the corners of the wall, that is a safe place. In small buildings or buildings up to two storeys, it may be safe to live in a corner but not in highrises. Because there is a lot of difference in their foundation with the structure of low-rise small buildings and tall buildings.

Earthquake proof standards are being used for the last two decades in the construction of tall buildings. Without this, no highrise is allowed to be built. But it is certain that when earthquakes occur, high-rise buildings shake more. That’s why they feel more afraid. But due to rocking these buildings reduce the intensity of the earthquake. keep you safe.

In only two situations, high-rise buildings can be dangerous in the event of an earthquake, if the epicenter of the earthquake is there or it is really of a very high intensity, ie above 08. Generally, in the technology with which these highrises are made, they can withstand 7.3 intensity.

What should residents of highrises do in case of an earthquake?
Stay cool, don’t run towards the stairs or lift. it would be safer to stay in the flat
Stay flat and adopt protective measures
Go under the table.
Stay cool, don’t run around in a frenzy
In the event of an earthquake, it is also not right to get down from the highrise building and stand next to it, especially when that area is surrounded by many highrise buildings.
If you have to go, then go to such an open area which is not in the JD of these buildings.

should should not
If you are living in high-rise buildings and an earthquake has occurred, then some things should not be done.
Do not go close to windows and doors, their glass may shatter in an earthquake.
– Do not stand close to shelves, bookshelves. she might fall on you
Do not stay near heavy furniture. they can also hurt you if they slip
Switch off the gas cylinder burner and stove. There is a possibility of fire due to this.
Stop using electrical appliances.
Never use the lift.

do this work
Tie or apply such things on the head and neck that can protect them.

In one such article, Forbes magazine has given advice to the people as written above. It has been said in it that if an earthquake is coming and you are in a flat on the top floor of a tall building, then do not try to get out of it during that time. Yes, when the earthquake goes away, go out and go to such a place in the open, then stay away from the JD of these buildings.

If aftershocks are not coming, then go to the building only when it has not got any heat in the earthquake. Generally, people who try to get down the stairs in highrise in case of an earthquake. Of course nothing may happen to them due to the earthquake, but there will definitely be a possibility of injury in the chaos. Even after getting down, stay far away from buildings and in the open.

How are earthquake resistant houses
Generally, the map and technology of buildings made to avoid earthquakes are different. These are made from special materials and beams. Due to this, they are saved from the tremors of earthquakes. The materials and beams of Earthquake Resistant Buildings stop the tremors of these earthquakes. In addition, earthquakes generate waves that push buildings in a particular direction. But these buildings reduce the effect of earthquake by vibrating on both sides.
– Their foundation is made strong and pillars with beams. Its foundation is from the ground up to the top. Due to this, the effect of seismic waves is not much and it prevents the earthquake waves from moving forward in the building.
– Constructions structure should be strong. It is better to use cross braces and shear walls

what are shear walls
Shear wall is an effective technique for making buildings. It helps in preventing earthquake tremors. These are made of several panels. They help the building to remain stable during an earthquake. These walls are often made with the help of cross braces.

What are moment resistant frames
These frames provide plasticity in the design of the building. It is placed between the joints of the building. Apart from this, they create conditions for bending of beams and columns. Joints with them remain rigid. Hence protect the building from the shockwave of the earthquake.

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