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Explainer: What is DNA test, results in how many days, how to help in rail accident


The help of DNA test is going to be taken to identify the dead in Balasore, but its results take time.
DNA test can tell everything from identity of parents to family, lineage
Each of us has special genome coding in our body, with the help of which DNA gives its results.

Now we often keep hearing about DNA test. It is usually mentioned for paternity related matters. It is also used in crime cases to solve some complicated cases. Recently, it was also used in the Shraddha murder case to gather evidence against her killer boyfriend. Now it is also being used to identify the dead in Balasore, Odisha, although the process of DNA test is time consuming. It is being used in many cases ranging from medicine.

DNA technology was not there earlier in the world. It was heard about for the first time in the year 1984. After that its prevalence increased worldwide. It can be said that it is being used all over the world for about three and a half decades. In the case of medical tests, it is called a very good and new technology test.
In 1984, scientist Alec Jeffries took DNA testing to the end that the world is familiar with today. Although all the discoveries and research about DNA were going on since the 19th century.

Question – Who started the work of DNA testing in India. Who gets the credit for this?
Scientist Lalji Singh is considered the father of DNA testing in India. Born in Jaunpur, this scientist did a lot of work in the field of DNA in India. Now he has passed away. He is called Father of Indian DNA Fingerprinting. He was also the Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University.
In 1991, Singh presented the DNA fingerprinting report for the first time in an Indian court to resolve the paternity dispute. After this, don’t know how many civil and criminal cases in India were solved on the basis of DNA test.

DNA reveals the complex structure of our body, which we inherit from our ancestors. It is special and is found in the people of a family. (courtesy unsplash sangharsh-lohakare)

Question – In which famous cases DNA test was used in India?
It was used in the assassination cases of Beant Singh and Rajiv Gandhi. Its help was taken in the Naina Sahni Tandoor murder case. In the cases of Swami Premanand and Swami Shridhanand, it solved the case. The DNA of the murdered body was done, from which its identity was known. DNA test also came in handy in the Priyadarshini Mattu murder case. Recently, the help of DNA test was also taken in the murder of Shraddha in several pieces by Aftab.

Question – What is DNA test?
DNA stands for Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid. This is such a test which gives very accurate information about our genes or ancestors or our lineage. There are many crores of cells in our body. Except red blood cells, all other cells have a genetic coding which makes up the body, it is DNA.
DNA is twisted like a ladder. If the DNA present in the human body is straightened, then it is so long that it can reach the Sun and come back to Earth 300 times.

Samples of body blood, spit, urine, bone, teeth, hair nails etc. are taken for DNA. This sample is then broken down into DNA cells. Then through this DNA test is done and the results are seen. (courtesy unsplash anirudh)

Question – Does the DNA of every child exactly match that of their parents in the family?
– The DNA of every child is made from its parents only, but the DNA of the child and its parents is not the same, but some parts may be mixed. Everyone’s DNA is completely different and unique. But it becomes clear from every DNA test whether your relationship is related to each other or not.

DNA test is a medical test that determines whether a person is the father of a particular child or whether a child belongs to a particular family or not. In murder cases or accidents, when it becomes difficult to identify the dead body, then its identity is proved through DNA. In this case, DNA sample of father or family has to be taken.

People of a family, siblings etc. can be traced through DNA test. Its use started worldwide in the 80s. It was first used in India in 1991 in connection with a case. (courtesy unsplashaleksandr-popov)

Question – How do genes play a role in a child’s life?
– It is through genes that the appearance of the child meets its parents and ancestors. Not only this, it is through genes that the qualities and demerits are passed on to the child from their parents. Genetic disorder means that diseases also go through genes only. It can be ascertained by DNA test that if the mother or father is a victim of any genetic disease, then it will pass on to the child as well or not. If yes, then what are the necessary precautions you can take.

Question – How does the DNA test tell who is the father and who is the mother of a child?
Often many times the help of DNA test is taken for the identification of paternity. In this, DNA samples of the potential father and child are taken. Because a child’s father contributes his own child’s DNA, the test looks for a match in genes between the two. Some tests can also test the mother’s DNA. Through this, brothers and sisters also get to know.

Question – How can DNA test be helpful in identifying the dead in the Balasore train accident?
In the horrific train accident in Balasore, there are a large number of people who are not being identified. By matching the DNA test of such deceased with the DNA of the claimant relatives, they can be identified. This will be a very accurate result test.

Question – How is DNA DNA test done?
Generally, DNA test can be done with blood, sputum, saliva, teeth, hair, bones, nails and urine. After taking samples, DNA cells are separated by scientific methods. Then it is compared. Forensic experts do this work. From tooth and bone it takes a long time. Generally, in the case of the dead, priority is given to the examination of frozen blood, teeth, hair, bones or nails.

In living people, doctors/experts take saliva by inserting a swab in the mouth and keep it in a box. In the second method, blood sample is taken. It is analyzed in the lab. By the way, the DNA test of the unborn child is also done.

Question – How many days does it take for the DNA test report to come?
– It will take at least two weeks to get the report of the DNA test that will be done in the case of the dead. By the way, usually the complete investigation of DNA test takes time. It can also take 10 days to 25 days.

Question – Where can DNA test be done?
This happens in both private and government labs. Government labs do tests only in criminal cases and on government orders, whereas in private labs anyone can get the test done on doctor’s advice. These tests range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 70,000.

Question – Does the DNA test also fail?
– As it happens in other tests, in the same way there is scope for failure in DNA test also. This is possible from human error to not taking the right sample or tampering with the sample or mixing something. Although its chances are very less.

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