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Explainer: What is the contribution of different parts of the country in the new Parliament, what has been brought from where?

New Parliament House: Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the new Parliament House to the country on 28 May 2023. On this occasion, the Chief Ministers of most of the states of the country were also seen in the new Parliament. The new Parliament House complex, incorporating the colors of different states of the country, has been prepared in record time. The fragrance of many states has been well incorporated in the new building. Construction material brought from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh and Tripura has been used in the construction of the new Parliament House complex.

Prime Minister Modi gave a 35-minute long speech during the inauguration of the new Parliament House. At the same time, in the midst of chanting, Sengol was installed near the seat of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. PM Modi said that this building was the demand of new India, best India. This building will give a new impetus to the prosperity and strength of the country. In the construction of this grand building, along with the site, big works continued continuously in different states of the country. So, if you go to the new Parliament House, you will see the color of a different state in every corner. Let us know from which state what construction material has been installed in the new Parliament House.

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The sandstone used in the new parliament building was from Rajasthan and the furniture was made in Mumbai.

Colors of Rajasthan in Parliament House
The sandstone used in the construction of the new Parliament building was brought from Saramathura in Rajasthan. Please tell that this stone has also been used in the Red Fort and Humayun’s tomb in the capital. The use of this stone has given a historic look to the new building. Whereas, the saffron green stone used inside the Lok Sabha was brought from Udaipur to Delhi. The red granite inside the Rajya Sabha was brought from Lakha in Rajasthan and the white marble from Ambaji. Jaalis made of stone were brought from Rajasthan.

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Contribution of UP and Maharashtra
The stone carving was done by the sculptors of Abu Road, Udaipur. Whereas, stone aggregators were brought from Kotputli. The teakwood used in the entire premises of the Parliament House was brought from Nagpur in Maharashtra. At the same time, the furniture installed inside the Parliament House was prepared in Mumbai. After this it was brought to Delhi. Apart from Rajasthan, the work of lattice structures made of stone in the complex was also done in Uttar Pradesh. The material used to carve the Ashoka emblem was brought from Jaipur.

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Granite used in the new parliament building was brought from Rajasthan, Ashok Chakra from Madhya Pradesh and false ceiling structure from Daman Diu.

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Ashok Chakra came from Madhya Pradesh
False ceiling structures made of steel in the campus were prepared in Daman and Diu. At the same time, the material for carving the idols was brought from Rajasthan as well as from Aurangabad. The Ashok Chakras installed in the Upper House of the Parliament i.e. Rajya Sabha and Lower House i.e. Lok Sabha were brought here after being prepared in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, many things have been brought from different states of the country and installed in the new Parliament House complex.

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M-sand was brought from Haryana
The M-sand used in the Parliament House was brought from Charkhi Dadri in Haryana. Whereas, bricks made of fly ash were brought from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The brass work and pre-cast trenches used in the new parliament were brought from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The exterior work used in the new Parliament House was prepared in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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