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Explainer: Why governments do not consider spies as their own when caught


No government agency keeps records of its spies
Nor is any information of the detective brought into the public domain
Every country spies in another country but also punishes espionage

This is a rule, which is followed by the government and spy agencies of every country. If one of her spies is caught outside the country on a mission, which she never considers her as her spy or man. Never would she admit that it was sent by her on a mission. This is also the first principle for spies going on foreign spy missions.

Detectives also know very well that if they are caught, their detective agency will never recognize them or tell them their own. Rather, it is expected that if this happens, his records should also be destroyed immediately.

Similar issue happened with Mohammad Ansari of Ajmer. He was doing a post office job in 1966. Then he was offered to work on a mission in Pakistan by the Special Bureau of Investigation, the spy agency of the Government of India. he admitted. Went to Pakistan He successfully did espionage work on two missions there but was caught on the third mission.

His spy agency SBI and the Government of India immediately denied that he was a spy of India or that he was sent to spy on a specific mission. Although the government tried its best to help him through other means, but he was sent to serve the jail term. There he served a 13-year sentence.

After this, when Ansari returned, the government and his agency refused to give him his salary and other emoluments. His record had disappeared. It was very difficult for him to prove that he was a government spy. After fighting the case for 30 years, now the Supreme Court has directed the government to give them an amount of 10 lakh rupees as relief.

record is never kept
However, any person sent on espionage knows that his name will be removed from the official records of the spy agency from the day he is sent for secret espionage on a foreign mission. No record will show that he is their employee. However, if he comes back from the mission and starts working on the desk for the spy agency in the country, then all his records will be restored.

Why the government and agencies don’t recognize their spies
Usually, when government agencies send a spy abroad, they also transmit his expenses and salary through some channel. Some third person sends him money or salary in that country. Now the biggest question is why do governments or government spy agencies refuse to recognize their people when they are caught.
there are many reasons for that
– This hurts the sovereignty of the other country and makes a case for the country sending the spy
Diplomatic relations between the two countries deteriorate
– Internationally that country is tarnished

Then how does the government of the spy’s country help him?
Although the country whose spy is caught, he always reveals to the other country that he is not its spy, but as a citizen, he definitely has the right to protect him or give legal help. He always calls the arrest of that man a conspiracy. This is what happens when spies from all our countries are caught on foreign missions.

Whenever any of our spy is caught in Pakistan, then our agencies immediately get away from him and say that he is not his man but at the same time the government helps him or his family through some channel or the other. Pakistan also does the same thing.

However, how the governments or the Indian government protect the rights of their spies when caught and how they help them and their families, hardly anyone has any information about it.

The spy’s information is nowhere to be found
Far from talking about the information of the arrested spy being related to the detective agencies, none of his information is ever found in the public domain. If he is murdered abroad, no one remembers him. When RTI related to this matter was also filed, no information was ever given by the government through it.

There is also legal protection to hide this information.
All kinds of laws, rules have a tendency to keep such matters hidden and protection is also available legally. You can never know which person of Research and Analysis Wing i.e. RAW is posted where and on which operation he is working or has done. It is always kept hidden.

These spies do a great job
Although spies do a great job for their countries. Sometimes their information is so important that their own country benefits greatly from it. Usually countries conduct many types of espionage in other countries, it ranges from strategic to technology and big corporates or other intelligence things. But if the same spy is caught in another country, then he has to face severe punishment.

What is the punishment of spying if caught
When an agent is caught in a country on charges of espionage, it is considered treason against that country. Each country also has its own laws. There is the Espionage Act against spying in America, which came into force in 1917. In fact, many laws of a country are violated by spying. the detective who
– Can be returned to his country.
– There can be a jail sentence, sometimes this punishment is also of fresh imprisonment.
– Can also be sentenced to death

This work is being done since ancient times
Since ancient times, one country used to spy on the intelligence and power of another country. Although then the detective usually got the death penalty if caught. Espionage was at its peak during the Second World War.

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