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Eyes like a hawk, accurate aiming yet 10 percent success rate… How long does it take for cheetahs to hunt?

Bhopal: Eight cheetah brothers hunting time have been brought from Namibia to the Kuno National Park. Two of the eight cheetahs have been released into large enclosures. The two cheetahs together have taken their first prey. Elton and Freddie have hunted an eagle. In such a situation, the question arises in the minds of people that how much time does it take to hunt this fastest running animal. Cheetahs in the wild are known for their agility and keen eyesight. They hunt only in the morning and evening. Their success rate in hunting is only 10 percent.

After the hunt, pictures of both the cheetahs have emerged from the Kuno National Park. It is evident from those pictures that the eyes of cheetahs are like hawks. She keeps an eye on her prey from afar. According to experts, then the cheetahs start kill runs to catch the prey from a distance of 80 meters. They reach the prey within 20 seconds. In such a situation, most animals do not get time to recover. They hunt their pyre.

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At the same time, talking to our associate newspaper Times of India, the people of the International Cheetah Organization CCF said that cheetahs usually do hunting in the morning and evening. They catch their prey within 10 to 30 meters during the chase. Sometimes they initiate kill runs from a distance of 80 meters and chase for an average of 20-60 seconds.

10 percent success rate
At the same time, the hunting rate of cheetah is only 10 percent. Experts believe that he runs fast. Most of the time animals are on alert. Because of this, many times the cheetah’s hands are not found. After this, cheetahs also cannot run at the same speed. Because of this the success rate is only 10 percent. At the same time, if two cheetahs hunt together, then success is more.

Both have hunted together in Kuno
Alton and Freddie have hunted together in Coono National Park. Both are real brothers. Rocking tuning of both has been seen during the hunt. It is said that cheetahs can live without water for many days. They quench their thirst with the blood of their prey.

Cheetahs live in the air while running
Cheetahs are faster than sports cars. According to experts, if a cheetah runs with its strength, it can catch a speed of 95 kmph within three seconds. For this a sports car takes six seconds. During running, cheetahs can jump up to seven meters. Because of this also the prey gets out of their hands. However, at this speed, cheetahs cannot run for long.

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