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Fact check: Government bringing back Rs 1,000 note from February 1? know what is the truth

New Delhi: Have you received any such message in your phone which said that 1000 note is coming again? We are saying this to you because at this time similar messages are being forwarded on social media. It is being said in the message that the central government is bringing 1000 notes again. When our colleague Times of India investigated this, it was found that it is completely fake news. The government is not bringing any 1000 note.

Fact check done to bring back 1000 note
It was told on social media that the Government of India is re-introducing the 1000 note that has been closed after demonetisation. It was also written in it that the circulation of these notes will start from the coming 1 February i.e. the budget day. As soon as the news spread, our colleague Times of India did a fact check of this news. On fact checking, it was found that this news is completely false and fake. The government is not issuing any 1000 note. Apart from this, it was also said that cryptocurrency will now be a legal weapon for payment. Which is completely fake.

False news was also spread about Sheetlahar
Apart from 1000 notes, fake news was also spread about cold wave and low temperature. The news was spread that from February 1 to 4, Maharashtra-Mumbai would witness a cold wave, during which the temperature would reach zero degree Celsius for the first time. TOI fact-checked this too and found that no such prediction has been made by the Meteorological Department.

How is fake news investigated?
The Times of India receives dozens, thousands of such reports daily. An expert panel is present to check its veracity. This panel consists of reporters, editors and representatives of the municipal corporation and the government. After this, these reports are investigated prominently. It is also told when it is fake. It started on 21 November 2022.

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