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False promises – false guarantees… Congress’s old trick, PM Modi roared on the opposition from Himachal

Himachal Pradesh Election 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing ‘Vijay Sankalp Rally’ in Himachal. During this, he remembered Shyam Sharan Negi, the first voter who voted for the first time after the country got independence. He said that Himachal elections are going to be very special this time. The youth and women here know that BJP means priority to development. Therefore, in this assembly election, the people here have decided to make a strong comeback of BJP.

PM Modi said that this time every vote, which falls on November 12, will decide the development journey of Himachal for the next 25 years. The people of Himachal are determined to make a strong comeback of the BJP government. This land of soldiers, this land of brave mothers, when it takes a resolution, it shows it only after proving it.

PM Modi targeted Congress

During this, he also strongly targeted the opposition. He said that for the Congress, coming to the government, staying in the government has been like running a royal palace. In Himachal, in the hill states, the Congress has followed the policy of longing, hanging-bhatkao for decades. Making false promises, giving false guarantees has been an old trick of Congress. The whole country has been witness to how the Congress has been lying in the name of loan waiver to the farmers.


Reminded me of Article 370 and the promise of Ram Mandir

PM Modi said that the resolve that BJP takes, it shows it by fulfilling it. Resolve to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, proved it and showed it. BJP resolved to build Ram temple, today such a grand Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya. The truth of the Congress is that in the manifesto on which they won the elections in 2012, they made promises, they did not do a single work, whereas the identity of the BJP is that we spend day and night to fulfill what we say.

‘Congress has been promising one rank one pension for years’

Congress had been promising One Rank One Pension to the soldiers of the country for 40 years, but despite the Congress government being at the center for so many years, it did nothing. After independence, the first scam of the country was done by the Congress in the defense sector itself. Since then, till the time the Congress government lasted, it ate a lot of brokerage in defense deals. Congress never wanted the country to become self-reliant in terms of defense equipment, but today India is running a campaign to be self-reliant. Emphasizing on making your own weapons. Congress has always been opposed not only to the defense of the country, but also to the development of the country.

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