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Father sold his daughter for Rs 15 lakh, the victim expressed her pain Hate Story

Bundi. In Bundi district of Rajasthan, a father made a deal for his daughter for Rs 15 lakh. After that the buyer pushed the girl into the abominable act of sexism. He kept the girl with him for several days and then sold it to his friend. After the statement of the girl, the police have arrested the accused father and the first buyer of the girl. The whole matter is related to Dablana police station area of ​​Bundi. Police is engaged in in-depth investigation of this matter. However, the girl has been sent to Kota womenshala.

Rameshwar Jat of Dablana Thanaprabhari told that the victim is a minor. On September 6, her mother had come to the police station and lodged a case of kidnapping of her daughter against half a dozen miscreants. After that, the Dablana police came into action and started searching for the minor by forming a team. Police reached Maharashtra searching for him. There the police recovered the girl from Chikhali Pune.

He was beaten up for refusing to perform sexual intercourse.
The police later interrogated the victim. He told the police that his father had sold him two years ago to Shivraj Kanjar, a resident of Sawai Madhopur, for Rs 15 lakh. Shivraj Kanjar pushed him into the business of extortion to recover Rs 15 lakh. He was forcibly made to be molested. Shankar Kanjar started sending 15 to 20 customers to him daily. He was beaten up for refusing to offer sex.

Accused Shivraj sold the victim to his friend
The victim told that after that accused Shivraj sold her to his friend Sanjay Kanjar, a resident of Ramnagar. He started getting her dirty work done again in Chikhali Pune, Maharashtra. The police have recovered the girl on the basis of information received through the informer. After that the police arrested the accused father and Shivraj Kanjar, a resident of Sawai Madhopur. Later the victim was produced before the Bundi Child Welfare Committee. From there she was sent to Kota Nari Shala. The victim is very scared and scared.

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