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‘Flight hijacked’… The tweet of the passenger who reached Delhi airport created a stir, then this happened…..

New Delhi: When the flight of Dubai reached Delhi, there was a stir by the tweet of a passenger on board. Security agencies immediately became active. After which he was arrested due to a mischievous lie of the passenger. Actually the whole matter was of a false tweet made by a passenger of the plane. When the flight from Dubai reached Delhi Airport, a passenger in it mischievously tweeted ‘flight hijack’. After which he was arrested. The whole matter is of January 25, a day before Republic Day.

According to a PTI report, a flight from Dubai to Jaipur was forced to land at Delhi airport at 9:45 due to bad weather. Sitting in the plane, Moti Singh, a resident of Nagaur, Rajasthan, also reached Delhi airport. The flight was approved to take off at 1:40 pm. Meanwhile, Moti Singh, aboard the plane, tweeted ‘flight hijack’. After which there was a stir in the security agencies.

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The plane took off after re-checking
Tweeted by Moti Singh Moti Singh was taken away along with his bag for questioning by the security agencies. After this the luggage of the passenger was checked, he was questioned. The flight was also checked by the security agencies. After necessary checks, the flight was allowed to fly again. Moti Singh, who tweeted falsely, was arrested and handed over to the local police for further action. A case has been registered against him under various sections and arrested.

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