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Foreign Minister Jaishankar targeted Rahul Gandhi in gestures, said- ‘Does not ask Chinese ambassador for his news’

New Delhi, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar (S. Jaishankar) targeted Rahul Gandhi without taking his name. He gave a big statement on the question related to the occupation of Chinese soldiers on Indian soil. The Foreign Minister said, ‘If we talk about any land, then this land was occupied by China in 1962, the opposition does not tell you, they will show that it happened yesterday.’

Taking a dig at the opposition, the Foreign Minister made a big statement. s. Jaishankar also commented on the issue of alleged contact between Rahul Gandhi and the Chinese ambassador. He said that ‘If there is a deficiency in my thinking, then I will talk to my army or intelligence. I do not call the Chinese ambassador and ask for my news.

Foreign Minister gave a big statement on Austria tour

During the Austria tour, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar while attacking Pakistan had said that the epicenter of terrorism is very close to India. Pakistan is the same country which attacked Mumbai city. Attacked hotels and foreign tourists. Every day sends terrorists across the border. Presenting a tough stance on terrorism, he had said that if I wanted, I could have used harsher words than this epicenter of terrorism. Epicenter is a very diplomatic word keeping in mind what is happening with us.

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