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Former ward member in Gopalganj was called from home and killed, V mark found on neck


In Gopalganj, there was a stir in the area due to the strangulation of a former ward member.
After the incident in Bucheya village of Sidhwalia police station, there was chaos among the family members.
Birendra Ram had left the house on Wednesday evening, the reason for the murder was not disclosed.

Gopalganj. Fearless criminals killed the former ward member by slitting his throat and after the incident dumped the dead body in Rahar’s field near the house. The incident is of Bucheya village of Sidhwalia police station area. The name of the deceased former ward member is 50-year-old Birendra Ram, a resident of Hospital Road under Sidhwalia police station.

According to the relatives, they were missing since Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning sensation spread when the dead body of the former ward member was found on the bank of the canal. The place where the dead body was found in the field, the police found many evidences related to the murder. When the police reached to investigate, V-like marks were also found on the neck of the deceased.

It is feared that after the murder, the criminals have tried to give a message through a special code word by making a V mark on the neck. However, the police are still raising their hands to tell anything about this case. In the presence of the villagers, the police took the body into custody and sent it to Sadar Hospital for postmortem. The reason for the murder could not be clear.

There is uproar among the family members after the incident. The relatives say that he had no enmity with anyone, so who finally killed him. At the same time, SP Anand Kumar says that the police is probing the whole matter. Soon the murder case will be investigated and disclosed and the criminals will be arrested and sent to jail.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 17, 2022, 13:24 IST



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