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Fraudsters made a 66 year old man a victim of fraud, stole Rs 1.52 crore from his account

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66 year old man made victim of fraud

Bengaluru: Scientific inventions and technology have made human life very easy. Now you can order anything from the world while sitting at home. If you are hungry but don’t feel like cooking, then you can order food with the help of the app. This technology is as helpful as it is dangerous. Many people are becoming victims of this every day. Nowadays, cyber thugs are making people victims of fraud in new ways. There is a scam going on these days.

The old man received a phone call and…

Actually, a 66 year old man living in Bengaluru gets a call that some banned items have been found in the goods he had ordered. According to a report in Indian Express, the name of the elderly victim of fraud is Debashish and he had received a call from a person named Karthikeya. Karthikeya tells Debashish that a case has been registered against him in Mumbai, accusing him of sending illegal items to Taiwan, including 5 expired passports, 6 credit cards and 950 grams of the banned substance MDMA.

Information about bank accounts was sought

Karthikeya directed Debashish to connect with the Andheri police officer via Skype call. As soon as the old man opened the link, he identified himself as Pradeep Sawant of Mumbai Cyber ​​​​Crime Branch Police. Police informed Das about alleged fake bank accounts being opened in his name for money laundering and said that if he wanted to get his name removed from the case, he would have to give details of all the bank accounts to the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Asked to transfer money from one’s account to another account

After this, the swindler posing as a fake police officer asked the old man to close all his bank accounts and transfer all the money to one account. Trusting the police officer, the old man transferred Rs 1.52 crore from his State Bank of India account to an account of Punjab National Bank through RTGS. After this, as soon as the old man transferred the money, the thugs disconnected the call and disappeared. After that the old man repeatedly tried to establish contact but failed and only then did he realize that he was a victim of fraud.

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