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From Kejriwal’s soft Hindutva to Priyanka Gandhi’s Himachal tour… Opposition on JP Nadda’s target

JP Nadda Exclusive Interview: Voting for the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh will be held on November 12 and the results will be declared on December 8. All the political parties have given full strength in the electoral field. ABP News team had a special conversation with the National President of Himachal’s ruling party JP Nadda from the election ground. In a conversation with ABP News, JP Nadda appeared quite confident about the victory of BJP. He said that he will win the election comfortably here and no one can give him any competition in the elections.

BJP has given a slogan in Himachal elections – ‘Raj Nahi Rivaj Badalenge’. On this slogan, JP Nadda said that we have full faith in our victory and the leadership and the people of the state also have full faith. That’s why we are saying time and again that we will change ‘Raj Nahi Rivaj Nahi Nahi Yaadlege’.

How to break Himachal’s record?

JP Nadda said that PM Modi has changed the way of politics of the country, the way governments work and political culture. When he came into public and administrative life, he was the Chief Minister for the longest time and then became the Prime Minister. Took the administration for 20 years and saw the situation very well. He led the government in Gujarat and we won all the elections in Gujarat. We got 282 seats for the first time and crossed 300 for the second time. We are confident that we can win here comfortably.

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JP Nadda said that earlier we used to hear anti-wave, but this time people are listening to pro incumbency…for the first time this word has been used in politics, because it is in the mind of the public that the work will stop as soon as the BJP government is removed. goes. This time there is pro incumbency and the question of anti wave does not arise.

politics on old pension scheme

Congress has promised to implement the old pension scheme in Himachal. JP Nadda took a jibe at this promise of Congress. He said that no one takes Congress seriously, they have closed the old pension scheme. JP Nadda asked the question, “Did you give OROP? … People of Himachal know that what BJP says less and does more… keep doing their master stroke. We are always in the midst of the people. ”

JP Nadda lashed out at Kejriwal

JP Nadda also targeted Arvind Kejriwal in the interview. He said, “Who takes Arvind Kejriwal seriously. First he said that I will not contest elections and then came to fight, then said I will not form a party and formed later, then said I will not take security, then called the police from Punjab. Li… formed government with Congress, education minister is known for liquor scam and three are in jail.”

JP Nadda also reacted to Kejriwal’s ‘soft Hindutva’ politics. When asked whether he is also following the path of BJP, Nadda said that Kejriwal used to talk about building a hospital instead of Ram temple and when he understood the meaning, he went to worship there and then nowadays Ganesh ji. are worshipped. His purpose with the photos on the notes was that how votes can be obtained from the notes. JP Nadda also said that his fight in Gujarat is only with Congress and AAP is out of the contest.

JP Nadda said, “He went to Banaras to fight, then apologized. He forfeited all the seats in UP. Went to Uttarakhand and now his CM candidate may join BJP. He is campaigning for us. Went to Goa.” So banner only banner, but in 35 seats the bail was forfeited.”

What did Nadda say on Priyanka Gandhi?

BJP national president JP Nadda said, “I rarely comment on anyone. However, I look deeply into the activity of every politician. These leaders are not readers, they only read what is given in writing. These elections Just believe in tourism… their home is here and see how many times they have come here. People do photoshoots by applying sandalwood at the time of elections and people understand this.”

BJP accused of breaking the society, what did Nadda say?

Referring to the JNU incident, JP Nadda said that there are slogans ‘Afzal we are ashamed, your murderer is alive…’ Is a Supreme Court judge a murderer? After this, Rahul Gandhi goes to JNU on the second day and stands with Kanhaiya Kumar and there slogans are raised ‘Bharat Ke Honge Tukde Tukde’. Nadda said that who allowed 370 to flourish in Jammu and Kashmir was Nehru and it was ended by PM Modi. Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, Nadda said that these people have gone on a penance journey.

Is BJP scared about Himachal?

PM Modi is continuously touring the state regarding Himachal elections and is laying the foundation stone of many schemes. All the Union ministers including JP Nadda are also camping in the state, is the BJP feeling scared? On this question, JP Nadda said that we fight elections like this. “I didn’t go to Bengal, went to UP also… sat in Uttarakhand too and will see Delhi MCD and Gujarat after here.” JP Nadda said that this is our strategy and there is no such thing in it.

Kejriwal accused of holding simultaneous elections

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that BJP is scared and this is the reason that elections are going to be held simultaneously in Gujarat and Delhi MCD. On this, JP Nadda retaliated and said that when elections are not held, they say that we have stopped them and when they happen, they are saying that we have got them done. What is this way? Somebody blames us on both sides.

What did Nadda say on Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s revelations?

Jailed Sukesh Chandrashekar recently made many serious allegations against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. After which AAP leaders targeted BJP. Manish Sisodia even gave that in a few days Sukesh will join BJP. On Sukesh’s allegations, Nadda said, “We are not placing a gun on anyone’s shoulder. When something came to light, people reacted. ED has its own job and it is an independent body.”

What did Nadda say on Mallikarjun Kharge?

Mallikarjun Kharge has become the new President of Congress and JP Nadda reacted to this. JP Nadda said, “It is good, late aaye right aaye… Kharge ji is our friend and I wish him all the best… But just changing the chairman doesn’t work… when you have only one steering committee.” If there are three or three people in the family, then we also understand where its steering is.”

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