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From November 8, the recruitment of women firefighters in the army will start, the first recruitment rally will be held in Ambala

Women Agniver: The recruitment of women Agniveers has started in the army. Under this, the first recruitment rally of women firefighters is going to be held on November 8 in Ambala, Haryana. In the Air Force too, applications are being made for the recruitment of women Agniveers for the next batch i.e. 2023.

At the same time, the recruitment process of women Agniveers has already started in the Navy. According to the information, on November 8, the Army will be for the Corps of Military Police (CMP), because the Military Police is the only corps of the Army, in which women can be posted as jawans.

Women can certainly be posted in most corps and units of the army at the officer rank. Only in the Army’s Infantry, Mechanized-Infantry, Armored (Tank Regiment) and Artillery (Artillery) in Corps Arms, women cannot even be posted as officers. In fact, women were recruited to the post of soldiers in the Military Police in the year 2020 and have recently completed one year of their services. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone to Kargil to celebrate Diwali this year, during his meeting with the soldiers, he especially met the women soldiers of the Military Police.

Air Force also took out advertisement for Agniveers

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On Friday (November 4), the Indian Air Force has also asked women to apply in the advertisement for the next batch of Agniveers i.e. 2023. While launching the Agneepath scheme, the Air Force had already said that women cannot be recruited before next year i.e. 2023. However, women Agniveers have started applying in the Navy from this year itself.

A total of 9.55 lakh applications were received in the Indian Navy.

A total of 9.55 lakh applications were received to become Agniveer under the Agnipath Scheme in the Indian Navy. Of these, 82,200 were applications from women. Under the Agneepath scheme in the Navy, 20 percent seats have been reserved for women. Agniveer can be made in two categories in the Indian Navy. The first is SSR i.e. Senior Secondary Recruitment and the second one is MR i.e. Matric Recruit.

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