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Gandhi family’s Muslim love pretense… Smriti Irani, lashing out at Rahul, demanded figures of the Congress government

New Delhi: BJP’s fiery leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani once again opened a front against Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party. He fired many stinging questions on the Congress in a press conference organized on the achievements of the BJP government on the completion of nine years at the Center. Union Minister for Women and Child Development and Minority Affairs Smriti Irani also questioned the Muslim love of the Gandhi family. Then his target became Rahul Gandhi who went on America tour. Smriti asked that what kind of love is it to go outside India and stand against our own democracy?

By presenting the figures, sought the account of Muslim love from the Gandhi family

Smriti Irani said that the Gandhi family describes itself as the protector of the Muslim community. The question should be asked to him that in his government, the Government of India had shown an expenditure of only Rs 12,000 crore, while the Modi government spent Rs 31,450 crore during the last nine years. He further said that the Congress government had allocated only Rs 860 crore for their scholarship, while the Modi government has allocated Rs 2,691 crore. Taking a sarcasm, the Union Minister said that these figures in themselves tell the truth of the Congress.

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Smriti asked Rahul – what kind of love is this?

Talking to the media at the BJP headquarters, the Union Minister, while answering a question about Rahul Gandhi’s statement about Mohabbat Ki Dukaan, said that he should tell whether the massacre of Sikhs, the insult of Sengol, the destruction of his own Parliament. Boycotting, kidnapping women in Rajasthan, standing with people who are breaking India, going outside India and standing against our own democracy is love? He said that what kind of love is this which is not for the country but for its political politics.

Why is the Gandhi family so helpless: Smriti

Continuing her attack on Rahul Gandhi, Smriti said that the Congress leadership is using external forces to hurt the democracy of our country. As the elections are coming closer, the increase in such activities of the Congress leaders is itself a sign that the Congress is determined to hurt the democratic system of its own country in its hunger for power. He asked, ‘Why is the Gandhi family so helpless?’

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Sarcasm on the exercise of opposition unity

The Union minister also took a jibe at the opposition unity efforts. Taking a dig at the meeting of the opposition leaders to be held in Bihar, he said that those who are looking for support in each other, who have failed to stand on their own feet, where they are going to gather, the Rs 1,750 crore An entire structure (bridge) got washed away in the water. The desires of those people will also be swept away in the same way in 2024 (Lok Sabha elections). At the same time, retaliating against Congress leaders’ criticism of her on the issue of women wrestlers, Smriti Irani said that the sun will rise from the south the day the Congress stops targeting her.

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