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Garuda commandos of Air Force came as ‘angel’ for the children trapped in the trolley hanging in the air

Deoghar Ropeway Mishap: A Garuda commando of the Air Force volunteered to spend the whole night with two young children in a cable car trolley number six, trapped at a height of 1,500 feet in a ropeway accident in Jharkhand’s Deoghar on Sunday. He set such an example of humanity which is being praised all around.

When the Deoghar ropeway accident happened on Sunday, 48 people were hanged at a height of one and a half thousand to two thousand feet in about a dozen cable taxis and the state administration was unable to find any way to save them. In such a situation, the Government of India sent Garud commandos along with the Mi 17 helicopter of the Air Force to Trikut hills for relief and rescue work.

During the rescue operation, only two small children survived in trolley number-six by late Monday evening, who could not be evacuated due to darkness. In such a situation, it was decided that these children would be taken out of the trolleys on Tuesday morning and handed over to their families. The Garuda commando, who reached to take him out of the trolley, was in a strange dilemma.

On one side his companions were calling him to come back upstairs by helicopter, while on the other side the two children left in the trolley were gazing towards him in the hope of support.

RK Malik, Additional Director General of Jharkhand Police, a witness to this incident, told PTI that the Garud commandos of the Air Force heard the voice of their souls and setting a new example of humanity, both the children on the trolley number-six stuck on the crashed ropeway. He decided to become a night support and, not caring about his life, left the helicopter and climbed into the trolley.

The commandos consoled them by staying with the children all night. In the early hours of Tuesday, when the MI 17 helicopter of the Air Force reached Trikut mountain for relief and rescue work, first of all, the Garud commandos carried both the children in turn on their lap and transported them in the helicopter from where they were brought back to the ground safely. The Air Force has not given the name of its courageous Garud commandos, but its humanitarian initiative is being praised all around.

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